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5 Smart Reasons for Choosing Humble E-Liquids for Vaping

If you have been considering switching to vaping to help you kick the nicotine habit, you’ll likely have a lot of questions about the right vaping device to use and the liquids to choose. Should you check the various vaping sites on the internet, you’ll likely come across this special brand of juices called Humble E-Liquids. But what exactly are the Humble juices and why would you want to choose them? Can they really help you quit smoking? Read ahead to understand everything you need to know about the brand. You’ll also understand why seasoned vapers and people who have kicked the butt successfully recommend that you opt for Humble e-liquids.

1 – Humble is an All-American Company

The most critical positive of the Humble juices is that the company is American and the products are not imported from other countries. This factor provides complete assurance that the product is safe to use because the company will certainly comply with American quality-control rules and regulations. Should you check around the manufacturer’s website, you will learn about how the nicotine content in the liquids can harm you and cause the typical ailments that result from nicotine abuse. Warnings such as this make you feel confident that the company is legitimate and committed to the health of its customers.

2 – Humble Offers Only the Purest of Products

Every flavor of the Humble ejuice goes through extensive testing for purity with only authentic ingredients making their way into the finished product. Every batch goes through thorough checks and is tested multiple times before being added to the inventory. The entire process of making the e-juices is not automated but made by hand following careful preset protocols to ensure that only the highest quality of products reach the users. Further, the company takes care to partner with genuine suppliers of the raw ingredients to include only the purest form of nicotine.

3 – Humble E-Liquids are Economical

Users trying to quit smoking will find that the Humble juices are far more economical and easier on the pocket as against the cost of their habit. Each 120ml vial of the liquid costs just $22.99 as compared to the price of a pack of cigarettes that may range from $6 to $8 depending on the state where you’re purchasing the cancer sticks. Different states levy their own taxes on the products with the highest being in New York. The average New Yorker would be paying $12.85 for the most expensive habit in the country.

Consider the comparative costs. Each pack of cigarettes contains about 20 units that each take around 5 minutes to smoke through and the user may take up to 10 puffs of nicotine. On the other hand, if you’re an average vaper, the 120ml bottle may last you 2 weeks. But, if you’re a heavy smoker/vaper, you can go through a pack of cigarettes a day or a 120ml bottle of e-juice per week.

4 – Humble Juices are Far Less Harmful to Your Body

Each time you light up a conventional cigarette, you’ll inhale nicotine along with 7,000+ toxic chemicals and around 70 carcinogens released by the burning of tobacco. But when you inhale the vapor from the heating of the juices in the e-cigarette, the only harm you’ll do to your body is from the pure nicotine. The vapor from the vaping mods mimics the smoke from a regular cigarette but is created when organic liquids like Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG) are heated with an electric coil. They’ll tickle your throat much like the hit you get from the tobacco, but this hit will not cause any real harm.

Most experienced vapers recommend that you begin with a vaping liquid strength of 6mg of nicotine which is the maximum you’ll find in the Humble range. Over time, as your body adjusts to the liquid, you can lower the percentage of nicotine until it is 0mg. That’s the point when you will have quit smoking completely. Of course, you can go ahead and vape for the enjoyment of the flavoring.

5 – Speaking of Flavoring

On the subject of flavoring, Humble e-liquids win hands down. The company offers you an unbelievable selection of flavors that are smooth and highly enjoyable. Perhaps, the biggest positive of choosing to vape with Humble e-juices over smoking is that instead of the acrid smell of burning tobacco, you’ll breathe in delicious scents of combinations of fruits, flowers, donuts, cookies, ice creams, confectionery, and other absolutely yummy flavors. The high you get from the nicotine in your bloodstream will be replaced by an equivalent that is far safer and possibly, more enjoyable. It’s like having desserts and fruit salads in your mouth.

Here’s a quick overview of the flavors you can try:
• One of the most popular flavors is the Donkey Kahn which has a combination of fruity tastes like dragon fruit, bananas, and strawberry.
• If you like strawberries, the best one for you is the Smash Mouth E-Liquid. Take a whiff of the liquid and instantly, you’ll imagine a strawberry pie with custard filling in a crust made of graham crackers.
• If you’re looking for an after-dinner dessert but without the calories, try the Hop Scotch E-Liquid. Enjoy the amazing tastes of butterscotch custard with hints of vanilla and toffee.
• Candy lovers must try the Humble X Flawless line that has fruity flavors in sour candy. Like, for instance, the Humble X Flawless Blue Swirl e-liquid that goes down your throat in a combination of lemonade and blue raspberries.

Aren’t you curious to try the many flavors and tastes of the Humble e-liquids collection? Would you like to explore how vaping can help your kick the life-threatening habit of smoking? How about you contact us at BlackoutVapors and talk to our expert consultants. Contact us by clicking on this link and we’ll get back to you with all the answers to your queries. Alternatively, you can call us at this number: 716-370-6134 and talk to a live agent. Pick up the phone and call. Today!


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