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8 Best E-Liquid of the Year

The vape industry has grown tremendously in the past few years. Since the advent of e-cigarettes, e-juices and vape formulas also grew with it. If you are in the hunt for the best e liquid, you have come to the right place. We bring you some of the most recognized vape names in the industry and provide an objective review for each brand. The objective is to help you in discerning which are the top e-liquids and ejuicevapor that are worthy of your attention and money.

These are the top e-juice names in the industry right now, which we will be looking into in this review:

  • Gorilla Warfare E-Juice
  • Pebz E-Juice
  • New Norm E Liquid
  • Rounds E-Juice
  • Dinner Lady E-Juice
  • Vape Beard
  • Chalk Dust Vape
  • Dirty E-Juice

Gorilla Warfare E-Juice

Gorilla Warfare E-Juice

Gorilla Warfare E-Juice is one of the most popular names in the e-juice and vaping industry. When you hear people talk about the best e liquid in the market, the name Gorilla Warfare almost always is part of the conversation. As one of the most popular vape brands in the market, it is no surprise that it is included in this list of the best e-liquids of the year. Whether you are new to e-juice and want a brand that is highly recommended, or you simply want to try something new, you will not be disappointed with Gorilla Warfare.

Gorilla Warfare E-Juice offers flavors that are bold. There is something unique yet tasty about their concoctions. It has that distinct flavor that sets it apart from other brands in the market. If you want to taste something bold, you have to trythis one. The wild but exciting taste is loved by the vape community. The well blended flavor will suit those seeking a one-of-a-kind experience.

The great thing about the Gorilla Warfare E-Juice is that it is available in a variety of flavor options. You can choose from a wide range of bold flavors to suit your taste and preference. Whatever flavor you seek, you are sure to find it with this selection of flavors:

  • Frosted Flakey Pastry –This is ideal for those who prefer a light and mild flavor. The taste of a light and flaky pastry is accented by the sweet cream butter. Be enthralled by the notes of butter that is complemented by the gently browned flour. As a bonus, you can get the taste of frosting, too.
  • Strawberry Frosted Flakey Pastry – If you want a more elevated flavor on your e-juice, Gorilla Warfare brings the strawberry frosted flakey pastry flavor. The taste of strawberry jam has provided a delicious accent to the pastry flavor – as if that is not enough. It is a great choice for those with fruit cravings – it will be satisfied!
  • Honeydew Strawberry Pear –When you inhale this e-juice, you will instantly be greeted by the sweet yet bold flavors of honeydew melon and strawberry. But there is an undertone of pear flavors, which you will relish on the exhale.
  • Sour Blue Raspberry Peach Sweet Tea –If you are a fan of the flavor of sweet peach tea, this is the flavor for you. But Gorilla Warfare has added a nice twist: sour blue raspberry. You will experience the tannic bite of black tea to complement the sweet peach tea flavor. This creates the perfect balance of flavor.
  • Blue Sweet Agave Cactus – Gorilla Warfare has taken the flavor of sweet agave plant and turned it into e-juice perfection. Agave nectar is currently the world’s most popular natural sweeteners. This is also used for making tequila. It’s a fun way to enjoy your e-juice!
  • Pineapple Dragonfruit – The tartness of pineapple is a great flavor profile to make your senses tingle. A hint of the tropical dragonfruit flavor adds a sweet flavor to the mix.

Pros’s of Gorilla Warfare E-Juice

  • You have a rich array of flavors to choose from. Whatever flavor you seek, you are sure to find it.
  • If you want bold flavors, this is the best option for you.

Con’s of Gorilla Warfare E-Juice

  • The wild tastes of the Gorilla Warfare e-juices might not appeal to all in the vape community.



The Pebz E-Juice is a unique offering that will create a thrill to the senses of avid vape users. The original Pebz e-juice is a goodness that can be enjoyed by those who love a fruity sensation and flavor.If you are not too keen on strong and bold flavors, this one is a good way to be introduced to e-liquid. The Pebz E-Juice is available in a 100ml bottle. A dropper is included in each bottle to make it easier to use for vaping. You have three options available when it comes to the nicotine level: 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. Thus, you can adjust your vape experience to suit your individual preferences.

Inspired by the Pebz Pebbles, you can now enjoy your favorite morning breakfast bowl in vape form. Since it was introduced to the market, this has been one of the most sought after flavor in the vaping industry. The nostalgic flavor brings back childhood memories of stuffing your face into a bowl of pebbled cereal filled with cold, creamy milk! That is exactly what you’ll be reminded of when you inhale and exhale the e-juice.

But what is it about the original eJuice from Pebz so great? The nostalgic flavor will be a treat to your taste bud that it feels like you are getting on a time machine. This e-juice formula is the perfect and special blend of sweet pebbled cereal combined with a colorful array of rock cereals. The flavor of fresh dinosaur milk caps it off.

As one of the most reputable brands in the industry, Pebz Original Juice took the market by storm. It is the most popular flavor for the brand. Even when there are many new flavors, the original continues to be one of the most popular. Imagine a fresh bowl of your favorite fruit cereal that is covered inlight and creamy milk. With every inhale and exhale, you get to enjoy that nostalgic yet indulgent flavor. It is sure to elevate your vaping experience to unlike anything you have ever tried before. With this subtle approach to transforming a familiar flavor into vape form, Pebz E-Juice definitely deserves the recognition that it is currently getting.

Another interesting detail about the Pebz Original Juice is the attractive packaging. From the box to the bottle, it is vibrant and beautifully designed. Every bottle is sold in 100ml sizes at an affordable price range of $17.99.

Pro’s of Pebz E-Juice

  • It offers a selection of fruity flavors that will delight those in search for light but flavorful sensations. It is a fantastic introduction to the world of vaping if you are keen to try it for the first time.
  • It offers a smooth vape both when you inhale and exhale.
  • It has plenty of options when it comes to nicotine level to provide variety.

Con’s of Pebz E-Juice

  • The flavor options might not appeal to those seeking bold and strong flavors. However, it is also the same reason that makes Pebz E-Juice suitable for those who are new to vaping.

New Norm E Liquid

New Norm E Liquid

The New Norm E Liquid is setting a new standard in the e-liquid industry. This brand was established in Los Angeles, California and was quick to become of the go-to brands in the vaping industry. New Norm was born out of an idea that turned into a progressive concept. This drive for innovation is part of the reason why the brand has quickly able to carve its own niche in the industry. All products from this range are manufactured from a GMP certified facility. The formula used with New Norm E Liquid uses nicotine that was shipped from Switzerland, which helps to ensure that only the highest quality ingredients.

One of the most notable features about the New Norm E Liquid is the unicorn-style bottles. These bottles are made to be portable and come with stout security lock rings. These special details are what help to make the brand stand out. This great packaging feature is part of the brand’s revamped design to introduce the newest set of flavors released in 2017.

New Norm E Liquid aims to add a unique spin to the traditional flavor profiles known to e-liquid consumers. But they promise that these bold and unique flavors are something that you will love! These flavors were created as a result of countless hours of work. This is an effort to keep the different elements of the flavor well-balanced by integrating different layers of flavors. What you get is an extreme deliciousness and depth of flavor! The New Norm E liquid is also known for its high VG content that makes it ideal for a tank or dripper.

There are three flavor options available from the New Norm E Liquid range. Some of the best e liquid flavors from the brand include the following options:

  • Nana’s Berries – With New Norm E Liquid Nana’s Berries, you should expect the unexpected. An exciting flavor combination promises to excite your sense of taste. This flavor combines the sweet yet tangy flavors from blueberries and strawberries with a hint of banana. A rich vanilla ice cream flavor makes it perfect for summer, too!
  • Polar Rising – Get a dose of glacial berry goodness with Polar Rising from New Norm E Liquid. As one of the best e liquid you can find, it offers the succulent flavors of berries with a hint of icy menthol exhale. Taste it to discover what the buzz is about!
  • Poser – Indulge in a super sweet fruity vape flavor that changes according to the device being used, as well as other factors like build and wattage. You can experience delightful mixed berries flavor with Poser. It is one of the best fruity vape juice flavors in the market, which is better than the original.

Pro’s of New Norm E Liquid

  • It comes with a unique package and design that is built for safety.
  • It offers unique flavors that bring depth and deliciousness.
  • It is made using the highest quality ingredients with pure nicotine made from Switzerland.

Con’s of New Norm E Liquid

  • The flavor is light and then a pop of extra flavor comes in. If you want to be inundated with flavor as soon as you inhale, this might not be the best option.

Rounds E Liquid

Rounds E Liquid

If you are in search of premium vapors with flavors that don’t hold back, Rounds E Liquid is what you are looking for. This brand offers a wide range of mouth-watering flavors that are made using premium ingredients. Each flavor is a well-balanced recipe that is as unique as it is indulgent.

This brand is one of the best examples of how diverse the vape industry has become. The great thing about the Rounds E-Liquid is that they not only appeal to those in search of enticing flavors. They are also great for the pocket as the 100ml bottles cost no more than $20. With some vape bottles costing at least $30 or more, this is one of those brands that are easy on the budget.

The Rounds E Liquid products are manufactured out of Southern California (as many other great vape brands, too). Thus, there is easy access to a wide selection of fresh fruits to be used as inspiration for concocting these vape formulas. Currently, there are 7 flavor options available from Rounds – there are 4 original flavors plus 3 variations. Get to know these flavors more closely so you can find a match:

  • Apple Kiwi – If you love both apples and kiwis, you can find nothing better than this sweet and juicy concoction to satisfy your taste buds. Indulge in the deliciousness of these fall flavors that is soft and warm at the same time. You are sure to delight your vape taste buds with the tart and tangy flavor of this combination.
  • Blue Mango – If you are longing for that delectable flavor of the sweet mango and zesty blueberry, this flavor is what you want. Enjoy a cloud of luscious vape that is bursting in flavor!
  • Peach – Peach is one of the most sought after flavors from Rounds E-Juice, especially among fruit-flavored e-juices. With every puff, you will get to experience the freshness and sweetness of Georgia peaches. The sweet and juicy flavor fills you with mouth-watering peach flavor that any fruit fan will relish.
  • Water Dragon – This flavor brings the right balance of freshness (watermelon) and slight sweetness (dragonfruit). It is the perfect for quenching those hot summer days.

Rounds E-Juice also introduced its ICE version of flavors, which elevates the original flavors. Each flavor option is added with a kick of icy menthol:

  • Apple Kiwi Ice – The mixture of tropical kiwi and crisp apple finished off with a cool candy accent.
  • Peach Ice – The sweet blend of peach is accented with an icy menthol finish.
  • Water Dragon Ice – The fusion of watermelon and dragonfruit flavor is finished off with a hint of cool candy.

Pro’s of Rounds E Liquid

  • The e-liquid formula is developed and blended using only premium quality ingredients.
  • There are several flavor variations to choose from to suit the unique tastes and preferences for each individual.
  • The e-liquid products are cost-effective and friendly on the budget.

Con’s of Rounds E Liquid

  • Rounds E-Juice has some of the most diverse flavor options around. There is no major flaw to this range of vape products, especially if you are into fruity flavors.

Dinner Lady E Juice

Dinner Lady E Juice

Dinner Lady E Juice is one of those names that come up in a list of great vapes. The reason for its success can be attributed to the attractive packaging, great marketing campaign, and the great selection of flavors. If you need proof that they are one of the best e liquid brands, let their numerous awards speak for that. Since the UK company released their products into the market, the market demand has skyrocketed.

Dinner Lady E Juice promises the ultimate vaping experience. To fulfill that promise, they have combined fragrant aromas with impressive flavors. This combination has enabled the brand to deliver premium quality. The unique selling point for Dinner Lady eliquid is their emphasis on desserts.

Below are the main flavors offered by Dinner Lady for vape enthusiasts:

  • Apple Pie – The Apple Pie flavor is one of the most loved flavors from this range because of its nostalgic taste. It also gives off a Christmas vibe wherein you are brought back to those sweet old holidays with family. True to the taste of an apple pie dessert,it has a hint of sweet and spicy.
  • Blackberry Crumble – Blackberry is not the most popular of the berries but this juice formula is going to change a lot of people’s minds. On the inhale, you will be treated to an explosion of sweet flavor. On the exhale, you can taste the flavor of jam with a crumble undertone. You will enjoy the rich and savory notes.
  • Orange Tart – This is one of the most loved flavors from Dinner Lady but it has been given a new twist. The sweet orange flavor is expected while the tartness gives it perfect balance.
  • Cornflake Tart – This is an old school flavor that highlights the flavor of cornflake and syrup tart. But this flavor profile is given added punch with a layer of strawberry jam. This is a well-rounded flavor with the right balance of tartness, sweetness, and a syrupy undertone.
  • Lemon Tart – If you love the flavor of a sharp lemon curd, this is the vape flavor for you. It also earns the recognition as the most well-known flavor from the Dinner Lady range. The sweetness of this vape flavor comes through as the most dominant flavor profile. It is the vape form of a lemon drizzle cake with a hint of cake and thick meringue.
  • Rice Pudding – What is not to love about the velvety and creamy texture of rice pudding? This flavor is finished with a dollop of raspberry jam. This familiar flavor will satisfy your
  • Strawberry Custard – This is another notable flavor from the Dinner Lady E-Juice range that showcases the sweetness and tartness of the strawberry. It is also balanced with a creamy custard and butter caramel. It has a smooth flavor to it and is known as an all-day vape.

Pro’s of Dinner Lady E Juice

  • The Dinner Lady E-juice formulas are inspired by retro British desserts. You can therefore expect familiar flavors that consumers are guaranteed to love.
  • The e-juice comes with a bright and attractive packaging that makes it stand out from competition.
  • It produces a great deal of vapor with a ratio of 70% VG and 30% PG.
  • It is smooth and does not come with throat hit.

Con’s of Dinner Lady E Juice

  • There is no major downside to the Dinner Lady E-Juice so it is bound to satisfy even the most discerning consumers.

Vape Beard

Vape Beard

Vape Beard, also known as Beard Vape Co., is another vape company that was established in California. This company was built by the Bates brothers who believed that they have something unique to offer the e-liquid market. Over the course of several months, they were able to create over 100 unique flavors. Each flavor is distinguished from the others using a beta number. The founders of the company sent out samples of their vape flavors to different vape shops in Venice, California. They received great feedback for their flavors and that is when they pursued the production of these vape juices.

They narrowed down their large flavors selection to 3 original flavors. The founders of Vape Beard also decided to stick to the beta names for the flavors. Today, the brand has become so popular that it is simply referred to as ‘Beard’. According to the Bates brothers, founders of the brand, the brand name resonated with the current generation, which is their target market.The different formulas of Beard Vape Co. come in a variety of VG/PG ratios. But the standard is at 70 VG/30 PG ratio. Thus, you can choose the ideal ratio in order to find the right formula to suit your liking.

The Beard Vape Co The One is one of the brand’s most popular flavors. It is a mouth-watering concoction that combines flavors from strawberries, cereals, milk, and doughnuts. These flavors are merged together in one bottle, creating a mouth-watering surprise! This particular flavor is available in three nicotine level options: 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg.

The Beard Vape Co The One Lemon is the other flavor that you can try from the brand. It is available in 100ml bottles that are beautifully designed, which makes it stand out on the shelf. This is another mouth-watering blend of flavors that uses a delicious moist yellow cake as base, with a hint of tartness of aromatic lemon filling. The undertones of powdered sugar and sweet crumbles complete this flavor. You can also have the same three nicotine level options for this flavor.

Pro’s of Vape Beard

  • It is a popular brand that is one of the best-selling vape products of all time. It therefore speaks to the quality of these products and their universal appeal.
  • The brand offers mouth-watering flavors of vape juices that are created using high quality ingredients. The different ingredients combine to creating a tasty and unique flavor.
  • The vape juices from Vape Beard Co are quite affordable. With most 100ml bottles selling at $30 in the market, a 100ml bottle costs only $17.99.

Con’s of Vape Beard

  • The beta numbers to designate each flavor is a bit difficult to remember for the consumers. But due to the popularity of the brand, this rarely becomes a significant issue.

Vape Beard has established a reputation for being quite popular. It is clear why they are flying off the shelves! You can attribute that to the brand’s commitment of offering bold and unique flavors that pack a punch.

Chalk Dust Vape

Chalk Dust Vape

Are you looking for the best e liquid on the market? Meet Chalk Dust Vape. This is one of the best selling e liquid products on the market because of the wonderful flavors that it has to offer. The brand was launched in 2015 and is officially known as Charlie’s Chalk Dust. Despite its short history, the brand experienced a meteoric rise to success as many of those who have tried their e-liquid flavors have come to love it.

The most remarkable thing about Chalk Dust Vape is their huge selection of flavors. There are at least 19 flavors currently offered by the brand. Despite having numerous flavor options, it is interesting to know that every flavor is distinct from the others. Thus, it is easier to find a flavor that appeal to a wider range of audience because of the vast options. The brand also offers flavor combinations to bring more unique tastes.

Here are some of the best flavors available from Chalk Dust Vape:

  • Black Label Dream – Label Dream is one of the most popular flavors from Chalk Dust Vape. It is a rich vanilla cream flavor with notes of cinnamon and fudge.
  • Black Label Head Banging Boogie – Knock your pants off with this wild flavor that is reminiscent of tropical blueberry popsicle.
  • Black Label Jam Rock – This flavor is guaranteed to pop as it comes with a sour apple glow.
  • Black Label Slam Berry – This is an insanely delicious juice flavor from the Black Label series. This flavor is designed to be reminiscent of homemade strawberry ice cream.
  • Charlie’s Chalk Dust C3 – This is an indulgent flavor that is sought after for which one vapes. It is a savory and sweet flavor of sea salt caramel ice cream.
  • White Label Big Belly Jelly – Enjoy the delicate flavor of this vape formula combining watermelon with blueberry jelly beans.
  • White Label Mustache Milk – Indulge in something sweet with this flavor from the White Label series of Chalk Dust Vape. You will feel nostalgic in the flavor of savory cereal soaked in a sweet drink.
  • White Label Wonder Worm – The flavor of crystallized gummy worms that had been dusted with sweet tarts is the flavor note that you can expect with this one.

Pro’s of Chalk Dust Vape

  • The level of variety in terms of flavors is what is most impressive about Chalk Dust Vape. There is always something new to try, especially if you are feeling a bit adventurous. The flavors available run the gamut from sweet to savory, and more.
  • Every flavor is well executed. You would expect that the flavors are compromised due to the brand’s commitment to offer variety. But that is not the case – every flavor and flavor combinations are executed perfectly.
  • The flavor profile and unique blends showcase the brand’s craftsmanship and use of high quality methods.

Con’s of Chalk Dust Vape

  • The only major downside to Chalk Dust Vape is that it can be difficult to get your hands on all flavors – if you are that big of a fan! The flavors are not available directly on the official website and are available only through third-party vendors.

Dirty E Juice

Dirty E Juice

Your search for the best-tasting and great American vapes will not be complete without Dirty E-Juice. This vape brand and selection features a host of fruit-flavored mixes that yAASASou will enjoy. Each flavor and flavor combination is a refreshing blend of your favorite fruits. You can therefore indulge your taste buds in a mouth-watering experience. It comes as no surprise then why Dirty E Juice is among the list of the most popular vape brands in the market right now.

The beauty about the Dirty E Juice flavors is that the tastes are unique to the brand. The founders of this brand have studied all other vape flavors in the market. It is part of their commitment to ensure that you got e juice that will stand out and be distinct from the others. They have successfully done so with their offerings in the market.

Here are some of the top flavor options that are available from Dirty E-Juice:

  • Blue Raspberry Lemon Lime Soda – The combination of blue raspberry and lemon lime offers a delicious mix that will excite your taste buds. If you love raspberry, you will no doubt enjoy this flavor. This rich berry flavor is accented beautifully with the lemon lime undertones. It comes with 80/20 VG/PG ratio and sold in 60ml bottles.
  • Cherry Lemon Lime Soda – Indulge in a refreshing flavor when you use this vape e-juice! That is what you will expect to enjoy with the cherry and lemon lime combination with the Dirty E-Juice range. The flavor sensation can be described as similar to squeezing grenadine into your favorite soda mix. It is a truly delightful sensation!
  • Grape Lemon Lime Soda – Experience the rich flavor of grapes with a hint of lemon lime to complement the freshness. This is one of the flavor formulas available from Dirty E-Juice that has fans raving about it! You will first savor the delicious aroma of grapes and it is elevated with lemon lime flavors. These two great flavor profiles combine to making it one of the most popular flavors from the brand.

Pro’s of Dirty E Juice

  • The Dirty E-Juice range is a collection of fruit-flavored vape juices that are both refreshing and unique. You can indulge in your favorite flavors that are combined with other flavor profiles to elevate the taste.
  • The 60ml bottles do not come cheap, yet the brand makes sure that it is penny well spent. They guarantee quality with only the premium ingredients used.
  • The nicotine levels that are available to choose from come in three variants: 0mg, 2mg, and 4mg. You have plenty of options to suit your preference.

Con’s of Dirty E Juice

  • The Dirty E-Juice bottles are a bit on the higher end of the price range. Every bottle sold is 60ml in size and costs $19.99. You can find many other vape brands that sell 100ml bottles for this price range. But for its more expensive price tag, they make up for it by bringing high quality flavors that will satisfy the vape community.

Frequently Asked Questions About E-Liquid

To those who are new to vaping, you might have a ton of questions about e-liquids. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions and the corresponding answers to provide more information:

What is the best E-Liquid?

The choice for the best e-liquid will depend on your flavor preferences. There are fruity flavors and there are those on the more savory side. You can check out the reviews for the top e-vape brands above to find your ideal choice.

How to get the best taste out of e liquid?

To get the best taste out of every e-liquid you inhale and exhale, adjust the temperature and wattage settings on your vape. You need to choose your coil carefully and reduce the airflow. If you want bolder flavors, opt for the e-juices with higher PG ratio.

Who makes the best e liquid?

There are several notable brands in the market such as Vape Beard Co, Pebz E-Juice, Gorilla Warfare, Chalk Dust Vape, and more. If you are interested, check out the individual reviews for each brand above.

What is the best flavor of e liquid?

This is simply a matter of preference as some people like it sweet, others prefer something fruity, and so on. In terms of popularity, sweet and fruity flavors are the ones that sell more in the market.

What is the best e liquid brand?

Each brand has a unique selling point. There are also a variety of flavors available to choose from with each brand. You can choose according to your personal preferences.

What is the best vape pen for e liquid?

There are many options available when you are in search of the best e liquid vape pen. When choosing, you need to take note of a number of factors. The first consideration is what you want to use it for. For instance, do you want to use it exclusively for vaping e-juice or dry herb? There are different types of pens in the market to suit the specific purpose.

The size and capacity of the battery is another factor that you must consider. Bigger batteries are generally better but you must also consider portability. If you prefer the latter, choose vape pens that are smaller and lighter.

Finally, look at the variable voltage and temperature settings available when choosing vape pen for e liquid. The ability to change these settings will ensure a more personalized vaping experience. Other notable factors to consider when choosing your vape pen are size of the tank and type of coils used.

What is the best-selling e liquid?

Shop around for the best e liquid if you want a vaping experience like no other. Some of the best-selling e liquid are those offered by Pebz E-Juice, Dirty E-Juice, New Norm E Liquid, and more.

How to find the best e liquid?

There are several types of e liquid and flavors in the market. If you want to find the best, there are a few factors that you need to consider as you choose. One of them is the flavor selection –choose ones that have a variety of flavors to suit your taste. The next factor would be the nicotine levels and PG/VG ratio. Affordability and product packaging are some of the additional factors that you must take into account.


There are several great vapes in the market right now, with many new and emerging brands to choose from. In the end, choosing what is best is a matter of personal taste and preference. If you want a light and fruity flavor, you can go for the Pebz E-Juice or New Norm E Liquid options. If a mouth-watering experience is what you prefer, go for the Rounds E-Juice.

By getting to know each of these brand options in the market, you can make a smart choice as to which is the best e liquid.


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