Charlie’s Chalk Dust is a premium company producing e-juices, located in the sunny climes of Southern California. Originally established in 2015, the company has an interesting history of how the founder, Charlie was inspired by the baked goods and confectionery sold at his father’s restaurant. In present times, the vape juice collections made by the company are possibly the best-known and loved by vaping enthusiasts across the world. Each of Charlie’s Chalk Dust flavors is popular for their smooth taste, exquisite recipes with each aspect of the vaping experience carefully accounted for. When the company first started out, it developed the Black Label and White Label range of products. Although you’ll find a bunch of other flavors as well, die-hard vapers love the original series and their distinctive blends. Here’s an overview of the classic tastes.

Charlie’s Chalk Dust Flavors – White Label

The White Label of Charlie’s Chalk Dust flavors is a range of time-worn favorites that have maintained their interest despite the deluge of competitors in the market.

White Label – Wonder Worm

Vapers still swear by the flavor profiles of Wonder Worm that both first-timers and seasoned vapers appreciate. If you’re looking to switch to a nicotine-free lifestyle, Wonder Worm is the perfect excuse to kick the smoking habit. Take a whiff and you’ll breathe in a teasing blend of sweet and sour tastes reminiscent of the gummy worms you loved as a child. Prepare for the onslaught of a kaleidoscope of flavors starting with a sweet center and ending with crystallized sugar.

White Label – Big Berry

If you’ve been experimenting with e-juices for a while, you possibly know Big Berry by its former name, Big Belly. Like Wonder Worm, Big Berry gives you the memory of sucking on sweet candy. It’s the perfect taste that helps you give up the acrid taste of burning tobacco quickly. Each draw you take fills your mouth with the succulence of blueberry-flavored jelly bean candy. It’s not too sweet to overwhelm the senses and has just the right undertones of tartness. When you exhale, prepare to feel your mouth filled with the goodness of summery watermelons.

White Label – Mustache Milk

Whimsical and quirky, the name Mustache Milk evokes curiosity. Another of the all-time favorites on the list of Charlie’s Chalk Dust Flavors, Mustache Milk combines the sophistication of adulthood with the naivety of childhood. This flavor is more of a breakfast vape because it is an exciting twist of your morning milk and cereal. The base starts off with richness of creamy milk sweetened to resemble ice cream. As you swirl the clouds in your mouth, you’ll start to taste the crunchiness of toasted oat flakes with a generous frosting of sugar. If you’re just dipping a toe into the pool of vape e-juices, Mustache Milk is a great place to start. You won’t have to worry about the harshness that typically comes with the pure nicotine draw of a cigarette.

White Label – Black Ice

The White Label Black Ice is ideal for vaping enthusiasts who love the freshness of menthol. Feel the cool breezes of summer when you feast on sweet-sour blackberries combined with cucumbers. Or, think about a spoonful of delicious blackberry ice cream melting in your mouth – with sugary sprinkles on top. Add a bowl of cucumber salad and you can enjoy the taste of summer in any season. When you exhale, Black Ice leaves behind a memorable taste of menthol that compliments the cucumber and blackberries perfectly. Users often talk about how they find it hard to switch to other brands after having tried and tested Black Ice.

White Label – C3

The C3 is a dessert flavor for fans of the classic vanilla ice cream. Picture sitting in front of the TV, watching a rerun of your favorite soap or movie holding a bowl of the creamiest vanilla ice cream made with authentic beans. Sense the coolness of the bowl and inhale the aroma of the caramel topping. Roll the vapors around on your tongue just as you would a spoonful. Taste the sweetness that reminds you of the times when you visited the local dairy with your Dad each evening after dinner. After you exhale, the undertones of Sea Salt remain on your taste buds tantalizing them and offering a striking contrast with just the slightest bitterness. The hint of cinnamon adds to the entire gamut of emotions you feel.

Charlie’s Chalk Dust Flavors – Black Label

The Black Label range is another of the all-time brands that vaping veterans absolutely love.

Black Label – King Bellman

If you absolutely must have the robust flavors that good old tobacco brings to your vaping experience, King Bellman is just what you need. At the same time, the sharp taste of sun-dried tobacco leaves is balanced with the soothing tones of brown sugar. King Bellman is also ideal for the users making the transition to nicotine replacement products. The flavor gives you the satisfaction of having smoked tobacco, but with an extra edge. The enhanced taste of sugar gives you the perfect excuse to quit the harshness of conventional cigarettes and replace it with the smoothness of sugar.

Black Label – Sweet Dream

Here’s another option for people who love the incomparable taste of vanilla ice cream, but with chocolate fudge. Each time you take a swig from your vaping mod, your senses celebrate the cool lusciousness of creamy vanilla. As you continue to savor the aroma, you’ll start to taste bits and pieces of chocolate fudge with occasional hints of cinnamon sprinkled on the bowl. This is one gem on the list of Charlie’s Chalk Dust flavors that gets the entire blend balanced perfectly for an unforgettable experience.

Black Label – Slam Berry

The Slam Berry from the Black Label range seems to deliver one surprise after another as you savor the aromas. At first, the mouthful of clouds feels like a swig of cool milk enriched with creamy goodness. Next, you start to sense the tart sweetness of deliciously ripe strawberries. As the flavor matures, you’ll think of yet another summer treasure – Strawberry Sundaes topped with fresh berries delivered in a tall glass bursting with nature’s abundance. When you exhale the cloud, the taste of cream lingers on to leave you craving for more. Try this flavor to refresh you when you’re taking a break from work. It works much better than a cup of coffee.

Black Label – Head Banging Boogie

If you would rather prefer a single-flavored e-juice, Charlie’s Chalk Dust flavors have the perfect option, Head Banging Boogie. This one’s all about chilled blueberries combined with icy mint that has the potential to give you brain freeze, with every draw – hence the name, Head Banging. This flavor has stronger mint so you’ll feel like the sweetness of blueberries is enhanced, but also has a subtle tartness. The focus is entirely on a single taste and the e-juice does full justice to it. From the base note to the more mature tastes, each whiff teases and delights, and then, takes it a few steps further. Buy one bottle and there’s no way you won’t pick up another.

Black Label – Jam Rock

Here’s another e-liquid that allows you to enjoy a single fruit without getting distracted with other notes. Jam Rock truly brings out the amazing taste of sour apples. The taste blends the sweetness and sourness of green apples allowing you to enjoy every mouthful. But, with an added twist. More than just munching on the fruit, you will also taste candy with every exhale. Some fans of the Jam Rock swear that they can almost feel like they’re chewing gum flavored with the exciting tastes of crunchy, green apples.

Choosing E-Juice Flavors You Like Isn’t Easy

Given the explosion of e-juice and e-liquid flavors available today, finding the ones you like isn’t easy. When choosing the e-juices that you like best, it is best to focus on the kind of experience you’re looking for.

Using Charlie’s Chalk Dust Flavors to Quit Smoking

If you’re a smoker trying to kick the habit, you’ll want a flavor that matches the taste of authentic tobacco. You might also want an e-juice that has an adequate percentage of nicotine to give you the same high that smoking gives you. And, that’s not all. You’ll also choose the nicotine percentage according to the number of cigarettes you smoked each day. For instance, heavy smokers who normally go through 20 or more cigarettes each day would want up to 6mg or 12mg of nicotine per bottle of e-juice.

Experiencing a Harsh Throat Hit

If you’ve only taken up vaping for recreational purposes or just for enjoying the flavors, you’ll want to get an e-juice that contains 0% nicotine. Such e-liquids are smooth and won’t give you that harsh feeling when you inhale. But, if you’re looking for some amount of a high, you can consider trying e-juices that contain a small amount or somewhat higher percentage of nicotine.

Whatever may be the e-juices you use, know that vaping for too long can cause headaches, nausea, and dizziness. These effects can get worse if you’re not used to high nicotine percentages. If you’ve been sensing any of these symptoms, it is best that you take a break from vaping and give your system time to recover. Better yet, get versions of your favorite e-juices that are available in 0% nic salts. All of Charlie’s Chalk Dust Flavors are available in options that allow you to enjoy the wonderful flavors without any of the downsides.

Crafting, Researching, & Developing Flavors is an Intricate Process

When you choose Charlie’s Chalk Dust flavors, you can rest assured of high-grade quality. As you continue to vape, you’ll recognize the dedication, time, and effort that goes into the research of new flavors that vapers are sure to enjoy. Simply choosing a fruit or fragrance is not enough. Chemists work hard to balance the aromas so you get opening notes, closing tones, and underlying hints. The art is much like creating new perfumes. At Charlie’s Chalk Dust, they also have a team of expert testers on board. These personnel are entrusted with the task of trying each flavor and talking about their impressions. Based on the reviews and feedback, chemists tweak and adjust the components so that the end result is perfect in every way. Any duds are discarded.

Next, the company brings in a customer profile to gain insights into what people like and prefer. By the time a new flavor finally makes its way to the product pages of the Blackout Vapors, it has already gone through extensive testing. And, this commitment to perfection shows through in every new release. At the same time, Charlie’s maintains the high-quality standards it is known for. So, when you pick up a bottle of your favorite flavor, you can be sure that it will provide the same experience as it always has.

Charlie’s Chalk Dust E-Juices Are Free of Diacetyl

As a vaping enthusiast, it is understandable that you’re worried about the diacetyl content in the e-juices and e-liquids you buy. Charlie’s Chalk Dust flavors are completely free of this component. When used as an agent for flavoring food, Diacetyl is harmless and approved by the FDA. You consume it regularly in various products since it adds a creamy, rich flavor to every food item. An organic compound, diacetyl is yellow-green in color and is created during the fermentation process. Various food and beverages, particularly dairy products and alcoholic drinks all contain this agent. You’ll also find it added to microwave popcorn, vinegar, coffee, beans, legumes, and honey.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not consider Diacetyl to be harmful for human consumption. But, only as long as it is ingested with food. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have proved that diacetyl can cause a lung condition, bronchiolitis obliterans (BO). You probably know it as “popcorn lung” where the tissues lining the lungs become damaged. As a result, patients find it hard to breathe and develop symptoms like fatigue, dry cough, and breathlessness, especially after any kind of exertion. The symptoms from exposure to diacetyl develop quickly within two to eight weeks. Eventually, BO ends in respiratory failure.

Charlie’s Chalk Dust is one of the first e-liquid companies to eliminate this chemical from their products. Although health authorities have not conclusively proved that inhaling the compound can cause problems, Charlie’s no longer uses diacetyl. Users can safely indulge in any Charlie’s Chalk Dust flavors and be assured of high-grade products. Know that the company carefully analyzes the ingredients that go into their e-juices and other products, unlike smaller brands. Only standardized components and agents are added that result in a complex flavor profile that maximizes your enjoyment with none of the possible side effects.

Charlie’s Chalk Dust Flavors Contain Five Key Components

As with other vaping juices, Charlie’s products also contain Vegetable Glycerin (VG), Propylene Glycol, water, and food-grade flavoring. The different fruit, floral, dessert, and myriad other flavors you get all come from artificial agents that mimic their tastes. If a particular e-juice contains nicotine, you’ll find it specified clearly on the label. You’ll also find the exact percentage so you can make an informed choice about the nicotine you wish to use. When you rely on premium companies, expect that you’ll get safe products that won’t cause long-term effects.

With that said, Blackout Vapors stresses that vaping is ideal as nicotine replacement therapy so you can quit the dangerous habit of smoking. We recommend that you phase out the nicotine content gradually and enjoy vaping as a purely recreational activity. Check out this post that lists the 8 Best E-Liquids of the Year. You’ll find various other brands that are comparable to Charlie’s in quality and performance.

If you would like more information about the entire range of Charlie’s Chalk Dust flavors, we welcome inquiries at this number: (716) 370-6134. We’ll also assist you with placing orders and love to hear about your experiences. Use this Contact Us form to get in touch. Drop us a line and we’ll get back to you soon.