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Colored Vape Smoke as an Art Form – It’s Fascinating!

Cloud-chasers love to experiment with their vapes. If you’ve been checking Got Talent Global YouTube videos, you’ve likely seen contestants making fascinating shapes with vapors. It’s fun and exciting but needs a lot of practice and skills. Trust enthusiasts to add a whole new dimension to the activity! Because the next step in the world of vaping is colored vape smoke. If you’ve been wondering about that, here’s some information you might find interesting.

Colored Vape Smoke is Not Available in Any Brand

Not to be confused with the Hyde Plus, colored vape smoke is not available in any brand. You can buy different flavors, including fruits, salads, beverages, ice creams, and desserts. But when you vape, the resultant clouds will be in luscious white. Even if the e-liquid looks brownish, know that it’s because of the nicotine interacting with oxygen in the air. E-juice is typically a colorless fluid, regardless of the flavoring agents it contains.

You Can Add Coloring Agents to Any Vaping Mod

If you want to get those vibrant colors, you’ll have to add the agent to the vaping mod before loading the e-liquid. You can use any food additives to get those brilliant hues. Let’s walk you through the steps of how to make that happen.

  1. Get a bottle of a food-grade coloring agent in liquid form.
  2. Open your mod and remove the e-juice tank. You’ll see the cotton wick with the coil wrapped around it. Gently drip a couple of drops of the color so that it soaks the cotton.
  3. Activate the mod by pressing the start button gently. You’ll know the device is working if the mod releases clouds of color.
  4. Next, fit the tank and fill it with the e-juice of your choice. Flavored e-juices work too, and you can match the color to the specific flavor you want to try. For instance, add yellow for mango flavoring to enhance the taste and experience.
  5. Take a hit, and when you inhale and exhale, you’ll release gorgeous colored clouds. They’re actually perfect if you want to indulge in the activity as an art form.
  6. Switch between mods with different colors to blow rings and other shapes.
  7. Similarly, you can transform any vaping device into colored vape smoke as long as the wick can be exposed. And, that goes for your Hyde Edge Recharge also.

Let’s Talk About Potential Hazards

At Blackout Vapors, we believe in providing detailed and practical information to our customers and readers. We’ve attempted to answer your vaping-related questions with accuracy, which is why we would advise users to refrain from experimenting with products that don’t carry the appropriate certification. You should be aware that food-grade ingredients are typically designed for ingesting and processed by your digestive system. Most harmful components are broken down, so they don’t cause any lasting harm. However, these components can cause problems if inhaled since your lung tissues are only built for absorbing oxygen.

Some users claim that the color molecules remain on the cotton wick and are too minuscule to have any lasting effects. That is, aside from turning the lungs red or green – a chance that you would not want to take.

The Long-Term Effects of Colored Vape Smoke Are As Yet Unknown

In keeping with recent FDA regulations, e-juice manufacturing companies and vendors sell products only after getting them tested in specialist labs. For this reason, it is advisable to only vape brands that carry certification as being safe for use. Go ahead and indulge in colored vape smoke as an art form, but avoid regularly trying variations that have not been researched thoroughly. Remember that vaping is a relatively new activity and hasn’t been around long enough for scientists to know the full long-term effects.

Looking for more practical and reliable information about vaping? We welcome your questions. Visit us at Blackout Vapors and chat with our consultants. We’re happy to provide answers. You can also put down your query on the Contact Us page, and we’ll get back to you soon.

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