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Gorilla Warfare Vape E-Juice and a Guide to Vaping

Wondering what is Gorilla Warfare? Are you curious to know if the term is even a real thing?

Gorilla Warfare is the brand name for an exciting range of e-juices. The company prides itself on being a lot more than just a manufacturer and is dedicated to developing new flavors at prices that are highly competitive. You’ll find that the products are constantly evolving and designed to match customer requirements. Gorilla Warfare e-juices and nic salts at Blackout Vapors are compatible with most e-cigs, vaping mods, and other devices. And, the immense variety ensures that you’ll always have something new to try.

Here’s some added information about the products and how to use them.

How to Open a Gorilla Warfare Vape Bottle

As a new user trying this brand of e-juices for the first time, you may notice that despite turning the cap in the counterclockwise direction, the Gorilla Warfare bottle won’t open. To begin with, note that the caps are child-proof and you must press down firmly and then twist the lip to open. However, it’s possible that you hear a series of clicks but the cap stays in place. Look closely below the bottle lid and you’ll notice plastic seals evenly spaced all around. Although these seals should break when you open the e-juice, at times, you may need to manually crack the plastic. Wedge the blunt edge of a knife or the tip of a ballpoint pen into the gap next to each seal. Next, wiggle up and down until the cap comes loose. Even after breaking the seals, you need not worry about the risk of the bottle getting into the hands of a child or pet.

Which is the Best Gorilla Warfare Flavor?

If you’re trying Gorilla Warfare e-juices for the first time, you may want to start with the .270 Reloaded Strawberry Frosted Flakey Pastry. Should you read Gorilla Warfare vape juice reviews, you’ll learn that this flavor is a pleasing blend of sweet and savory. Taste the soft center of strawberry cream with the first inhale and as you savor the taste, you’ll start to notice the crusty pastry crust made with dough. When you exhale, you’ll sense more of the richness filling your mouth ending with a sprinkling of sugar. The .270 is certainly one of the best offerings from Gorilla Warfare that can take the place of the delicious dessert you indulge in after a hearty dinner.

What is a Chubby Gorilla Warfare Vape Juice Bottle?

When you check through the listings of Gorilla Warfare e-juices on Blackout Vapors, you’ll come across the term, Chubby Gorilla bottle. In case you’re wondering what that is, know that the Chubby Unicorn bottle is a specially-shaped e-juice container. Here are some of its many positives.

  • The Unicorn bottle is intended for users on the go who need an easily-portable bottle so they can refill their vaping mods when needed.
  • Made out of flexible material, the bottle allows you to squeeze out every precious drop of the Gorilla Warfare e-liquid.
  • The containers are available in a capacity of 30ml so you can bring one discreetly.
  • The bottles have a slim look and feel with an added advantage – the Gorilla Warfare juice head is a slim, needle-shaped aperture that makes refilling the mod super convenient. In case your e-cig or vaping box mod has a small opening, the Chubby bottle are perfect for a quick reload without the chance of spilling.
  • Keep track of the amount of e-liquid you’re bringing thanks to the transparent sides that let you check levels.
  • The cap is child-proof so you won’t need to worry about kids and pets opening it accidentally.
  • Since you can bring multiple bottles, switch between flavors for a stress-free all-day vaping experience.

What is Gorilla Warfare Nic Salts?

Gorilla Warfare Ejuice .270-Reloaded – 120mL

Should you search around for some great Gorilla Warfare e-juice flavors, you’ll likely come across the nic salts range also. The term “nic salts” is a shorter version for nicotine salts and this form of e-juices are an advanced version of conventional e-liquids. Nic salts contain freebase nicotine which is a pure form similar to the kind found in the tobacco plant. But, as compared to other nicotine replacement options, nic salts are smoother on the throat and won’t give you a harsh sensation. That’s because of an additional element added called Benzoic acid which lowers the alkalinity of the e-juice by controlling the pH levels. As a result, you can use this option in vaping devices that work at lower temperatures.

If you’re a new user who is just starting to making the transition to a safer lifestyle, you’ll need an alternative that won’t cause a burning sensation in your lungs. Further, your body can process nic salts and deliver nicotine to your cells faster. In this way, you can satiate your nicotine cravings with just a few puffs. And, Gorilla Warfare vaping nic salts is a great range to choose from.


Who Sells Gorilla Warfare Vape Salts Near Me?

Is that your next question? Are you concerned about finding a good vendor near you that carries the .270 Reloaded Strawberry Frosted Flakey Pastry? The exciting thing is that this Gorilla Warfare vape e-liquid is available online. Check out Blackout Vapors for a whole collection of e-juices in a range of unforgettable flavors. In addition to speedy delivery, the company has expert consultants on board who can help you with any additional information you need about vaping.

Do you have more questions about how to place orders for your Gorilla Warfare e-juice and nic salts? How about adding your contact information to this form? And, we’ll revert to you with responses and more details. If you would prefer to talk to a live agent, please call this number: +1 (716 ) 370-6134.


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