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How Much is 30mL E-Juice?

How Much is 30mL E-Juice?

Have you just made the decision to kick the smoking habit and switch to vaping as a solution for nicotine replacement? The first thought that enters your mind is how much is 30mL e-juice. The simplest way to understand volumes is that 30mL is equivalent to two tablespoons or six teaspoons. Most brands offer bottles with 30mL e-liquid, and you’d want to balance your nicotine intake carefully against the number of cigarettes you normally smoke. Several factors can influence how long a single bottle lasts. Read ahead for added information that can help you quit the habit permanently.

A Cigarette Contains 1.2mg of Nicotine

Now that you’ve set out to adopt a healthier lifestyle, know that each full-strength cigarette contains around 1.2mg of nicotine. Start by doing the math and you’ll see that smoking a pack of 20 cigarettes adds up to consuming 24mg of nicotine. Chances are that you inhale less than that because of the breaks you take between each puff. And, the fact that some of the nicotine is burned away.

Pay careful attention to the “mg” level because when purchasing an e-liquid, you’d check for the percentage of nicotine indicated by this value. You could get 30mL e-juice with concentrations of 0mg, 30mg, 50mg, or even higher. If the percentage is higher, you’ll vape and consume less e-juice. When figuring out how much is 30mL vape juice, it would be safe to assume that you’ll need a lower volume to satisfy your cravings. If you’re a pack-a-day smoker, you’ll use up about 1.33mL of e-juice every day.

Check the Capacity of Your Vape Mod

Depending on the kind of device you’re using, the tank may be small enough and carry just around 2 to 3mL of e-juice. This hardware is designed with low wattage atomizers that are not likely to burn away the juice quickly. However, if your vape mod has higher temperature coils, you could expect to load around 9mL of the liquid into the tank. Higher wattage can burn up more of the juice, though you’ll also get more flavor so expect to use up more. Filling up the tank with 2 to 3mL with low wattage should get you through the day without the need for refills. That’s the amount an average vaper uses in a day.

Your Vaping Habits Can Influence Usage

The frequency with which you vape, the number of breaks you take, and how deeply you draw can all influence how long the 30mL bottle will last. If you’re an occasional vaper and only use it during parties or after-work drinks with office buddies, the bottle can get you through around 2 weeks or more. Similarly, taking breaks between each puff will also burn less e-liquid. Most importantly, if you inhale deeply, drawing the clouds into your lungs, you’ll burn more e-juice. Shorter draws make it last longer, which is a simple way to understand how much is 30mL.

Switch Between Flavors for a Varied Palate

When you’re trying to quit smoking, it is understandable that you would want to experiment with a varied flavor profile to keep you interested and motivated. Chances are that you have two or three bottles from different brands and you’re switching between them. In that case, expect that the entire bouquet will get you through to the time when you quit nicotine for good. Though, you would want to calculate how much is 30mL e-juice and get increasingly lower nicotine percentages to phase out your dependence gradually. Consider getting disposable vapes that contain small amounts for short-term use. They’re fun to use.

Enjoying the Flavor Might Increase the Usage

An upside (or, possibly, downside) of vaping is that it is definitely more enjoyable than conventional cigarettes. You won’t get that harsh feeling or throat tickle since vape e-juices contain none of the harmful chemicals. There is no burning sensation or that acrid smell clinging to your clothes, hair, and air around you.

Instead, you’ll breathe in pleasant scents and tastes of cookies, ice creams, sodas, and your favorite fruits. The aromas are typically hardly discernable for people who don’t know that you vape. Many vaping enthusiasts tend to get carried away simply the flavor tastes so good. Take care to practice restraint and remember that this is a smoking cessation tool that you’ll give up soon.

Let’s Talk About Satiating Your Nicotine Cravings

The main thing to remember here is that to satiate your nicotine cravings and replace cigarettes with a less harmful option. Check the product label for information about the type of e-liquid you’re using. If the package says, Nicotine Salts, you would want to consume it carefully.

To begin with, never use nic e-juice with sub-ohm devices or they can make you sick. That’s because this version of nicotine is much stronger than freebase e-juices. Just a few puffs will hit your system quickly, so you might want to carefully assess how much is 30mL. If that’s what you’re getting, this bottle should be enough to calm your urge to smoke. You’ll give up the habit sooner than expected.

The Takeaway?

Trying to understand how much is 30mL e-juice when quitting smoking is not all that complicated. Research shows that the best way to kick the habit is by going cold turkey. If that’s not working for you, vaping could be a solution. Even if you’re a heavy smoker going through a pack or more a day, you should be able to quit in about 4 to 8 weeks. Purchase smaller bottles with varying levels of nicotine until you reach 0%. You will have cleaned up your system in that time.

Need for information about how much is 30mL e-juice? We welcome queries by email at [email protected]. You can also try the chat option on our website for help with choosing the right e-liquid to kill your nicotine cravings.

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