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How Long Does Vape Juice Last

Cloud-chasers typically have a collection of e-liquids and flavors that they like to switch between depending on their mood for the moment. Chances are that you’ve stocked up on different brands and nicotine levels, some that you absolutely love. And others that you’ll probably finish “someday!” If you’ve been doing some spring cleaning, the first question you’ll have when looking at the bottles is – How long does vape juice last? Read ahead for some important information.

Vape E-Juices Contain Food-Grade Ingredients

Considering that vape disposables like Hyde Edge contain food-grade ingredients, each one comes with an expiry date. Further, exposure to air and light does degrade the components, which is why you might want to use up the flavor quickly once opened. Check the label, and you’ll see ingredients like Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG), and liquid nicotine. If you’re a moderate vaper, a small 30mL bottle will last you a long time.

Our suggestion? You’d share it around with fellow vapers to enjoy a varied vaping experience and avoid the risk of using bad e-liquids. As for how long does vape juice last, you can expect a shelf life of around two years, though this time frame will depend on the particular product and brand. The quality and quantity of flavoring agents can also affect the shelf life. A higher percentage of artificial flavors can improve the integrity of the e-juice.

Check the Appearance and Consistency

Storing the e-liquids in a cool, dark place is the right way to preserve them and prevent degradation. But before using, check for these signs.

  • Changes in the aromas
  • Changes in the consistency – The e-juice could have a more watery look, which indicates that the ingredients have separated. Heavier VG sinks to the bottom while the lighter nicotine, flavoring agents, and PG may rise to the top. Be cautious about using the bottle because shaking it may not recombine the components. Discarding may be a better option.
  • Changes in the taste
  • Changes in the coloring
  • Inadequate vapors when added to your vaporizer
  • Lack of the nicotine kick when inhaled
  • Solidifying, clouding, or gelling

If you’ve been wondering how long does vape juice last, looking for any of these signs should help.

Expired E-Juices Typically Don’t Cause Health Issues

The Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) guidelines specify that labels should carry information like the best before, expiry, and use-by dates. These details only indicate that the possibility that the product’s quality may have degraded and will take away from the user experience. However, some products could become toxic, which is why it is advisable to discard the bottle if it seems off.

E-Liquids Can Start to Smell Weird After a While

Most e-liquids taste and smell great when you first buy them. However, after a while, the steeping nicotine can lead to the other ingredients breaking down or maturing. The nicotine may lose some of its potency depending on its reaction with other components. Or, the nic could get stronger and overpower the flavoring agents, making the e-juice taste absolutely disgusting. If it’s been a while since you last used the bottle, you might want to check to make sure it is usable. Or, read up about how long does vape juice last. Shake the bottle thoroughly to mix up the liquids before loading your vaporizer.

Storing the E-Juice Properly Can Make it Last Longer

Storing your e-juices as recommended can ensure that they last you longer. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Store the bottles in a cool, dark place, protected from direct sunshine. Though, refrigeration is not necessary. Just below normal room temperature should be enough. Freezing is a definite no-no.
  • You’d want to open the seals only if you intend to use up the e-liquid quickly or share with friends.
  • Exposing to other strong-smelling liquids is also not recommended. Store away from sodas, soups, condiments, household cleaning agents, and other beverages.
  • Check the bottle when purchasing. Plastic bottles are not suitable for storing over a long period. If needed, you would want to transfer the e-liquid into a tinted glass vial to prevent light exposure. Remember to note the expiry date using a permanent marker on the bottle.

In case you’re concerned about how long the vape juice will last, the best option is to purchase bottles in smaller quantities. For instance, read up in detail about how much 30mL e-juice is and work out how long it will last for you. Try to use it up entirely within two to three months.

Disposing Of Expired E-Juice

If you’ve just pulled out a couple of bottles of expired e-juice hiding at the back of the kitchen cabinet, resist the usual impulse to toss it into the trash. Or, pour the undiluted contents into the drain. The nicotine content could end up in the water supply and damage the environment. Also, remember that nicotine is toxic and can cause poisoning by accidentally coming into contact with bare skin. Make an effort to dispose of it responsibly. There are several ways to do that. Here are a couple of ideas.

  • Get a bag of kitty litter and pour the rancid e-liquid into it. The material will soak up the juice and prevent any wildlife from getting sick after consuming it. You never know when a visitor might stop by to grab a snack from your garbage.
  • You could use a bag of old coffee grounds, which is also absorbent and work well.
  • The FDA recommends collecting your used vaping materials and delivering them to an authorized hazardous waste disposal facility near you.

Experimenting with a bouquet of flavors is the best part of the entire vaping experience. But, you should do your research on how long each vape juice lasts. Examine the bottle carefully if you haven’t used it in a while, and discard unwanted e-juices responsibly. If you need more information, we have experts standing by to help. Contact us at Blackout Vapors by emailing here [email protected] or use the Live Chat option to pose queries.

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