BEARD Vape Co. Salt 30ml – NO. 42


Dig into a cup of luscious, colorful fruits laced with a hint of mint and topped with whipped cream, the perfect treat for a hot, summery day.


The Beard No. 42 salts is a medley of different fruits similar to the taste of the fruit cups your mom packed for your school. Enjoy the cool sensations of biting into sweet peaches and pears blended with a generous helping of apples and oranges. Each part of your vaping experience with the Beard Vape Co. salts treats you to a range of flavors that keep you wanting more. As you breathe in the vapors, you will be reminded of sweet strawberries, raspberries, white grapes, and various citrus fruits. As you exhale, you’ll detect delicate flavors of apples and bananas with a sprinkling of sugar, the richness of whipped cream, and the fragrance of refreshing mint.

The Beard No. 42 salt is available in a 60ml bottle with a PG/VG ratio of 30:70. The bottle comes with an easy dropper for filling your vaping devices and the child-proof cap prevents kids and pets from getting into it. These salts are compatible with pod-based and low-watt or low power gadgets and deliver the precise amount of vapors you need with the throat kick essential for a satisfactory vaping session.

The exciting thing about this amazing flavor from Beard is that you can comfortably vape with them at any time of the day. Use No. 42 as a breakfast vape to round off a wholesome breakfast or as a sweet dessert to end a delicious lunch or dinner with the revitalizing sensations of menthol lingering on your taste buds and breath long after you finish vaping.

Altogether a delectable, unique vaping experience that remains with fruit lovers who can’t get enough of it!

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Beard Vape Co



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Dessert, Fruits, Menthol


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