Charlie’s Chalk Dust White Label Black Ice 60mL


Black Ice is made of sweetened blackberries, with notes of cool cucumbers, and menthol for a refreshing experience!


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Charlie’s Chalk Dust White Label Black Ice 60mL


Charlie’s Chalk Dust White Label Black Ice 60mL takes cool and icy flavors to a new level! This flavor is a tasty mix of sweetened Blackberries, with notes of cool Cucumbers, and Menthol for a refreshing experience, all in one e-liquid. The Blackberry base provides a solid and juicy fruit flavor for the undertones to swirl around. Meanwhile, the cucumber is an ingenious way to take the menthol taste to a newer and cooler level, keeping it from tasting like a harsh menthol taste and more like a cool, fresh breeze. This is the perfect mix for a taste that feels like eating an ice cold berry sprinkled with sugar, a refreshing flavor for an all day use.


Inhaling brings out the sweetness of the Blackberry base first, creating a perfectly semi-sweet fruit experience. Then, the coolness of the cucumber follows right behind, mixing to make a refreshing flavor. Exhaling brings out the menthol undertones, which combines with the cucumber beautifully and almost seems to drown the berry flavor slightly to create a more subtle and majestic flavor. Charlie’s Chalk Dust White Label Black Ice 60mL can be used with all mods and all refillable cartridges, coming in 3 different nicotine strengths to choose from.

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