Charlie’s Chalk Dust White Label Wonder Worm 60mL


Wonder Worm is just like enjoying a bag of the best candies, made up of Crystallized Sweet and Sour Gummy Worms collaborating with Psychedelic Sweet Tarts


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Charlie’s Chalk Dust White Label Wonder Worm 60mL


Charlie’s Chalk Dust White Label Wonder Worm 60mL is an absolute candy wonderland made up of Crystalized Gummy Worms and dusted with Sweet Tart candy flavor on top. Imagine the best mix of candy, sweet and sour dancing together in a rainbow of flavors designed to keep your taste buds entertained and satisfied all day long. All of the gummy flavors are here in this breakthrough mix, hints of blueberry candy, strawberry candy, all the way to a dash of lemon candy. They jump back and forth from sweetness to sourness, like a gymnast act, and in the end they taste just like chewing the real thing. This e-liquid has a sweet essence to it; however the sourness is what has drawn its users in, the way that it isn’t a bitter sour taste but more of a crystal-sugar sour taste. There really aren’t many brands that have captured this flavor essence so well and taking just one pull will have you placing it within your favorites as well.


Inhaling this liquid brings out the flavor of the sugar crystals and colorful candies immediately, chewy dashes of berry and fruit candy tastes. Exhaling amplifies the sour bits and mixes it all together, finishing it off by moving from the Gummy Worm base to a Sweet Tart candy taste. Mixing candies together just makes for more fun, and this flavor is the kind of fun you can enjoy all day whether relaxing or hard at work. Charlie’s Chalk Dust White Label Wonder Worm 60mL can be used in any refillable device and comes in different nicotine levels of 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg.

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