Dinner Lady – Rice Pudding 60mL



Rice Pudding by Dinner Lady provides a velvety, creamy rice pudding dollop with sweet raspberry jam and an irresistible dessert vape.

***Available in a 60mL Bottle in 0mg, and 6mg nicotine levels***

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Dinner Lady Rice Pudding 60mL


Dinner Lady Rice Pudding 60mL is a velvety smooth flavor experience that’s a little different from others. It has a unique milky flavor that represents a creamy rice pudding and then gets topped off with a sweet raspberry jam to keep things from getting boring. The raspberry jam pairs nicely because it adds a bit of tartness and fruit to the mix, so that when the flavors mix they create a perfect balance of soft sweetness and ripe fruitiness. This e-liquid brings out the best of both a soft and quiet flavor and a fun and exciting one!


Inhaling brings out the Rice Pudding base first to start off with a warm and smooth taste, and then as the flavor sits the Raspberry Jam starts to come through and take over. Exhaling intensifies the jam flavor to leave your taste buds with a refreshing flavor rather than a bland or boring one. The Dinner Lady line offers a collection of flavors that are designed to represent your favorite kitchen items! Dinner Lady Rice Pudding 60mL is available in 3 different levels of nicotine and comes packaged with an easy flow top for faster refills.

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