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Dirty E-Juice – Blue Raspberry Lemon Lime Soda 60mL


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Sweet and Tart Blue Raspberry blended with original Lemon Lime Soda.

Available in 0mg, and 2mg nicotine strengths in 60mL bottles.

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Dirty E-Juice – Blue Raspberry Lemon Lime Soda 60mL


Dirty E-Juice – Blue Raspberry Lemon Lime Soda 60mL tastes more like a delicious Blue Raspberry candy rather than a soda. This is an incredible take on a tart flavor like blue raspberry mixing with even more sourness from lemons and limes. But, don’t be fooled – these are all soda flavors that are designed with much more sweetness than the real life flavors. The Blue Raspberry brings a sugary and tart flavor to the mix, while the original Lemon Lime soda keeps things washed down and not too overbearing, creating an amazing soda taste.


Inhaling brings out the tart punch of a blue raspberry candy flavor in the form of a thirst quenching soft drink and mingles its sweetness with the original sweet and pungent taste of original Lemon Lime Soda. Exhaling allows the flavors to really mix together, leaving behind a sizzling sour and sweet flavor that could easily become a staple in summer drinks. Dirty E-Juice – Blue Raspberry Lemon Lime Soda 60mL comes packaged in a bottle made with a drip-style top so there’s no more mess or issues refilling your favorite devices or cartridges, and comes available in a variety of nicotine levels to choose from.

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