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Eonsmoke Pods


Heavy smokers who have been trying unsuccessfully to kick the habit can opt for the Eonsmoke pods that deliver a strong kick with each e-liquid pod containing up to 6% nicotine. 


If you’ve been smoking a pack of 20 cigarettes in a day, you’ll need e-liquids that satisfy that high craving for nicotine. Accordingly, you’ll need a pod with a percentage that is equivalent to a whole pack. With its higher content of 6% nicotine salts, the Eonsmoke gives you the exact throat hit you need and helps you avoid smoking. Each pod contains up to 1ml of e-liquid made with a combination of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerol along with benzoic acid and pure versions of nicotine. These additional compounds mimic the sensations of smoking so you don’t miss the clouds of vapor and tickle in the throat.

First-time and experienced vapers who have been experimenting with different vaping devices will find that the Eonsmoke pods are compatible and interchangeable with the JUUL .  For this reason, if you’re looking to expand the spectrum of flavors available to you for a more varied vaping experience, you absolutely must try this new range. Further, you’ll never have to worry about leaking or burning pods since they have been checked using strict quality-control standards.

Each pack of the Eonsmoke pods contains 4 pods of flavors like, for example, Sour Apple, Watermelon, Pineapple Crush, Menthol, Mango Sorbet, Lush Ice, Grape, Cool Mint, Citrus Burst, and Blueberry. If you would like to try different flavors, you can also choose packs that contain a total of 4 pods with a selection of flavors. Enjoy the sweetness of the e-juices that are not harsh on your chest or throat and provide one of the smoothest vaping experiences ever.

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