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Gods of Egypt SALT – Baset 30mL


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A sweet, succulent vaping salt that reflects on the strength and gentleness of women across the world.


When vaping with the Gods of Egypt salts, take a moment to learn of its history that will enhance your experiences and take you to a whole new dimension. Baset is the fierce Cat-Woman and Goddess of Egypt entrusted with the tough task of protecting the Pharaoh. She is the daughter of the Sun God Ra and possesses mystical powers that you can sense with every breath of the vaping salt. Inhale the aromas of juicy strawberries ripened under the Egyptian sun possessing a unique flavor that whispers about green oases. Also, taste the sweetness of watermelons that carry the fruity goodness of the fertile waters of the Nile. As you exhale, you’ll sense undertones of mint leaves that refresh you, but also warn you to respect the ferocity of the cat species.

Go ahead and vape with the Gods of Egypt salt that works perfectly as a stress reliever. Imagine you trudging through the hot sands of the Egyptian desert that are so similar to the anxieties of the modern world. Come upon a verdant oasis that soothes your soul and quenches your thirst with its sweet waters. These are the sensations that will remain with you with every puff of this vaping salt. The flavors are light enough to entrance you and have you wanting more. But, will not overwhelm you with their succulent tastes and are just right to introduce a heady sense of calm into a chaotic day. And, that’s what makes this e-liquid perfect for vaping at any time of the day or night.

Try this fabulous flavor with your vaping devices and revel in tastes designed in keeping with the mystical legends and lore of the ancient Egyptians and their secrets.

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