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Gods of Egypt SALT – Osiris 30mL


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A delicious vaping salt which is a sublime balance of sweet and sour flavors created to pay homage to the ancient Gods of Egypt.


Named after the great God of the Underworld, Osiris, the vaping liquid from Gods of Egypt treats you to orange-flavored Tic-Tac’s, an all-time favorite of adults and kids. Along with the sour taste of oranges, you’ll also taste refreshing spearmint and a hint of sweetness. The citrusy flavor is reminiscent of the stern, unbiased judgments passed by the God as he presides over the new entrants into the underworld. In the other hand, the mint and sweetness are all about resurrection and rebirth in the afterlife. Egyptian legends describe Osiris as a just God who rewards both the good and bad actions committed during life, giving souls the right reasons to like or fear him.

The Osiris Vaping Salts have been created to enshrine the Egyptian beliefs in Life after Death which is again a blend of sweet and sour. As you inhale, you’ll sense the taste of orange candy, but as you release the vapors, the fresh, invigorating hints of mint envelope your taste buds. Vape at any time of the day and enjoy it as a break from a long, stressful day allowing whisking away all anxiety.

Available in bottles of 30ml in nicotine strengths of 24mg, 36mg, and 48mg, the Osiris is suitable for all levels of vapers looking to meet their cravings. In addition, the bottles come with an easy dropper that makes loading your vaping devices very convenient. It is no wonder that the salt is very popular and fast-selling. Try it and you will be truly appreciative of the subtle flavors created for your satisfaction. You may love the taste so much that you’ll never go back to vaping with any other tastes.

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