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Gods of Egypt SALT - RAA 30mL


A lovely blend of vaping salts that ponder at the favorite drink of the Great Sun God Raa, sustainer of the universe!


Belonging to the Trilogy of exciting vaping e-liquids, the Gods of Egypt, the Raa salt hints at the power of the Father of All Egyptian Gods. As he travels through the sky, he exudes potent energy that enriches the earth and gives life. The ancient Egyptians were in awe of this God and believed him to rule the universe with his mighty, sustaining rays. The developers of this e-liquid explored the temperament of Raa to create a flavor that is similar to sipping on Cucumber Mojitos.

What would be the favorite drink of a God blazing a fiery trail across the sky day after day? The answer was a delicious cold brew with a sour taste to depict Raa’s dominating strength and power. But, on the other hand, it also refreshed you with the cool, minty taste and a hint of sweetness to chill your day. Imagine a crazy work day with scarcely a moment to relax. At the end of that hectic schedule, kick back with an ice-cold cucumber-flavored drink that carries away your cares and stress. Add the Raa, Gods of Egypt e-liquid to your vaping devices and look forward to these fabulous sensations.

As you take a whiff of the clouds of vapor, you’ll detect notes of sour, citrus fruits that effortlessly move on to a minty-fresh taste. Exhale to experience the coolness of cucumbers and you’ll understand why these flavors are perfect for the Father of the King of mystical Egypt. You can almost picture him bathing the earth with life and then relaxing at the end of the day with a cool Mojito.

Altogether, this flavor is not for the faint-hearted and introduces you to the formidable God that rules over the skies of Egypt with his fiery glory.

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Gods of Egypt


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