Humble Juice Co. – Sweater Puppets 120mL

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Mango, cantaloupe, and a little bit of honey dew melon. This flavor is refreshing and pretty tasty!

VG/PG: 80/20

Available in 120mL bottle in 0mg, and 3mg nicotine strengths.

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Humble Juice Co. – Sweater Puppets 120mL


Humble Juice Co. – Sweater Puppets 120mL is filled with refreshing and juicy Melons and Mangos! This taste is made up of a ripe barrage of Mangos, sweet Honeydew Melons, and calm and collected Cantaloupes. Whenever Honeydew and Cantaloupe are paired together, it just seems like they flow together so perfectly and come together to create a unique flavor that tastes like a brand new fruit of its own. The Mango in this e-liquid is like the little drop of flavor that adds some depth and punch to the mix, giving it an extra fruity and sweet taste that pairs well with the smoothness of the melon-party that’s going on underneath.


Inhaling the Sweater Puppets flavor brings out the entire trio of fruity tastes all at once, but the first thing you’ll notice is the smooth and light sweetness of the Honeydew base. Then, immediately afterwards you’ll notice the Mango flavor coming to the surface and mixing with the Cantaloupe undertones. Exhaling amplifies the Cantaloupe taste and brings the Honeydew taste back to the center of the overall flavor for a fruity and tropical peak with a delicate and effortless finish. Humble Juice Co. – Sweater Puppets 120mL comes in a less-spill and easy refill bottle to make filling your mods or cartridges easier with a narrow tip and is available in two different nicotine levels.

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