ICED GRAPE – Red’s Apple E-Juice – 7 Daze – 60mL

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Purple Concord grapes start a journey through a menthol-infused red apple fusion with sweet, refreshing and chilly flavors and textures.

Not intended for use with sub ohm systems.


Ever pop some fruit in the freezer and then eat it at that sweet spot between fresh and frozen? That incredible, decadent experience is exactly what it’s like to pull on your vape when it’s full of Iced Grape Reds Apple EJuice by 7 Daze. It’s like Red’s Apple Iced mixed up apple and grape juice, made it into a slushy and then blended it with a few springs of mint before serving it to you in a frosty glass: tart, sweet and delightfully chilly!

It’s Fresh… Exciting!

Classic crisp red apple and concord grapes offer the perfect base to this fruity flavor that’s spiked with a bit of minty, mentholy goodness. Apple and grape might sound basic, but this juice is anything but. In fact, it’s likely to become your go-to juice thanks to it’s exceptional quality and reliable experience. This E-Juice will quench your thirst for flavor and refreshment while providing that icy tinge you can’t get enough of.

Surprisingly fresh and light, it’s the perfect all-day juice. It’s light but not boring, fruity without being too sweet, and provides a great cloud of apple and grape goodness. Plus, the menthol is exactly the pick-me-up we all crave that keeps us feeling fresh and focused.

Perfect for when you want something fruity and fun without candy or dessert notes.

Flavor and Texture Profile

Take a pull on this ejuice and the first thing you’ll notice is the sweet tart burst of Concord grapes on your tongue. The flavor is exactly what you remember from those glasses of refreshing, deep purple grape juice chugged on hot summer days. Sweet and deeply purple, you’ll love the flavor and juicy texture. From there you’ll love the icy chill in your throat and lungs but the flavor hasn’t ended! Apples hit your taste buds next and keep your mouth full of a truly delectable flavor.

Exhale the icy menthol and know that you’re ready for whatever comes next. The flavor change and menthol chill keep your palate fresh and each hit feels like the first thanks to this vape juice’s complexity.

7 Daze Red’s Apple Ejuice Iced Grape Specs

  • 60 mL bottle
  • choose 0, 3, or 6 mg strength
  • VG/PG Ratio of 70/30
  • Dropper Bottle

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7 Daze Red's Apple Ejuice

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Fruits, Menthol

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  1. Michael Staub (verified owner)

    This iced grape is amazing! Highly recommend getting this one.

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