iJoy Bar SD22000 Disposable 5%


The iJoy Bar Disposable Vape is a high-quality vaping device with 15 flavors, 30mL e-liquid, and 5% nicotine. It has a 650mAh battery and can provide up to 22,000 puffs. The device features double tanks, a smart screen display, and a replaceable soft mouthpiece. With a 15W max output, the device is designed to offer the best vaping experience.

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The iJoy Bar SD22000 is the latest release from the popular vape brand iJoy and is now available at Blackout Vapors.

iJoy Bar SD22000 Specs

  • Flavors: 15
  • Pre-Filled E-Liquid: Comes with 30mL (2x15mL) of e-liquid,
  • Nicotine Level: 5% (50mg) nicotine strength for a strong, satisfying vape.
  • Battery Life: Features a 650mAh Type-C rechargeable battery for extended use.
  • Puff Count: Offers approximately 22,000 puffs for extended vaping enjoyment.
  • Double Tanks: Equipped with Tank A (15mL) + Tank B (15mL) for a versatile vaping experience.
  • Smart Screen Display for comprehensive tracking:
  1. Mesh Coil A/B
  2. Vaping Time
  3. Battery life percentage
  4. Juice life percentage
  • Max Output Mode: Capable of up to 15W max output for powerful vaping sessions.
  • Mouthpiece: Comes with a replaceable soft mouthpiece for comfort.
  • Coil: Utilizes a 0.8Ω mesh coil for enhanced flavor and vapor production.


  • Apple Gummies: Sweet apple gummy flavor, perfect for candy lovers seeking a fruity twist.
  • Arctic Mint: A refreshing blast of icy mint, ideal for those who crave a cool vape.
  • Black Ice: A chilling mix of blackberry and ice, perfect for fruit and menthol lovers.
  • Blackberry Cherry Lemon: A tart and sweet combination, ideal for vapers who enjoy a complex fruit blend.
  • Blue Raspberry Ice: Tangy blue raspberry with an icy finish, great for fans of sweet and cool flavors.
  • Cherry Berry: A delightful mix of cherries and mixed berries, perfect for those who love berry-rich vapes.
  • Colombian Coffee Ice: Rich coffee flavor with a hint of ice, ideal for coffee lovers looking for a chilled twist.
  • Froze Strawberry Cream: Creamy strawberry flavor, frozen to perfection, great for dessert flavor lovers.
  • Grape Jelly: The flavor of sweet and sticky grape jelly is perfect for those seeking a nostalgic, fruity vape.
  • Gummy Bears: The classic taste of gummy bears, ideal for vapers with a sweet tooth.
  • Iced Peach Colada: A tropical blend of peach and colada with an icy finish, perfect for summer vibes.
  • Juicy Mango Peach: A lush combination of mango and peach, great for tropical fruit lovers.
  • Mango Pineapple: Sweet mango and tangy pineapple blend, ideal for those who enjoy exotic fruit flavors.
  • Strawberry Watermelon: A juicy mix of strawberry and watermelon, perfect for a refreshing fruity vape.
  • Watermelon Ice Cubes: Chilled watermelon flavor, great for vapers seeking a cool, hydrating taste.

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Apple Gummies, Arctic Mint, Black Ice, Blackberry Cherry Lemon, Blue Raspberry Ice, Cherry Berry, Colombian Coffee Ice, Froze Strawberry Cream, Grape Jelly, Gummy Bears, Iced Peach Colada, Juicy Mango Peach, Mango Pineapple, Strawberry Watermelon, Watermelon Ice Cubes

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