iJoy Diamond PD270 MOD ***Includes 2 x 20700 Batteries***


iJoy Diamond PD270 MOD is inspired by the elegance and durability of diamonds. It boasts of a simple yet elegant design that is equipped with an instant fire technology that ensures a convenient vaping experience. At the same time, this vape mod is capable of delivering a maximum output power of234W.

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iJoy Diamond PD270 MOD

The iJoy Diamond MOD is a beautifully designed box mod that is inspired by the durability and elegance of diamonds. This is one of the latest mods from iJoy that is powered by dual 20700 batteries. The name of the device is inspired by the resilience of the diamond, which is also why it is built as a solid device. The front and back plates of the device protrude, which makes it look like a diamond.

The iJoy Diamond PD270 MOD is also powered by the iJoy IWEPAL chip that ensures reliable and powerful performance. The chipset, which is also available for firmware upgrade, is equipped with powerful features and functionalities such as temperature control, customizable pre-heats, and various output working modes to suit your unique vaping needs.

For every kit of this device, you will also get two 20700 batteries. The solid construction of the device is well built without being too heavy. In fact, the size of this box mod isn’t much bigger than most dual-18650 battery devices in the market. In terms of wattage performance, the iJoy Diamond MOD won’t disappoint either. The output of the vape mod is smooth and consistent. The maximum wattage power output is at 234W. The pre-heat settings available to the iJoy Diamond PD270 MOD include soft, normal, hard, and custom settings.

Because of the diamond-inspired design, the fire button of the iJoy Diamond PD270 MOD might feel a bit clunky at times. The display screen also clearly displays the information that is related to the operation of the box mod device. From the resistance, power setting, amp output, volt output, temperature setting, and more. You can therefore easily adjust when you want to customize the vaping output to suit your needs.

If you like an easy to use menu system, along with quality design and construction, you won’t be disappointed with the iJoy Diamond PD270 MOD.

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