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The JUUL pods are designed for snapping onto the JUUL vaping device with utmost convenience. Each pod is leak-proof and instantly changeable to any flavor you prefer for the day.

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The JUUL pods contain a special e-liquid that has been developed after extensive research. Users looking for starter kits to switch from cigarette-smoking to safer options can easily opt for the JUUL devices with their compatible pods. Available in 8 different flavors, the e-liquids in the pods undergo strict quality control checks that make sure they produce only a satisfying vapor without the risk of igniting.

Ingredients of the JUUL Pods

Each of the e-liquids contains a combination of various ingredients such as:

Mix of Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin in 70:30 Ratio

Propylene Glycol (PG)is a synthetic compound that is frequently used to manufacture polyester. PG also has approval as a food additive and is used in the production of cosmetics and medicines. When heated PG gives off a thin vapor that has a more subtle flavor. The Vegetable Glycerin (VG) content has a thicker vapor and packs more flavors. JUUL pods contain more of PG and deliver a throat kick similar to smoking with clouds of vapors. Complete with enjoyable flavors, JUULs simulate smoking to trick your psyche into thinking you’re getting the nicotine fix.


Glycerol is a humectant. In other words, glycerol adds moisture content to the e-juice and helps prevent the dry hit feeling.


The nicotine content provides you just the right hit to satisfy your cravings. However, the nicotine used is a highly-purified extract that is often used in the pharmaceutical industry. While most other vaping products contain freebase nicotine, JUULs contain a version of nicotine which is smoother as compared to the kind found in conventional cigarettes. Freebase nicotine is best avoided since it can create a film on your throat and cause coughing. Cigars typically contain this form of the drug.

Benzoic Acid

Naturally-occurring benzoic acid is commonly found in tobacco. Adding this compound to the e-liquid helps give you an experience similar to smoking a cigarette but without the harmful chemicals. Benzoic acid also has approval for usage in food as a preservative. However, the compound is safe only as long as it is used in small amounts.

Artificial Flavoring

Artificial flavoring adds a new dimension to your vaping and is typically made with a combination of natural and synthetic chemicals. At the time of writing this description, JUUL is available in a choice of 8 flavors. You’ll choose from tastes like crème brulee, Classic tobacco, mint, menthol, Virginia tobacco, mango, fruit, and cucumber. Most users enjoy the flavorings so much that they never go back to smoking again.

In case you’re concerned about the other potentially harmful ingredients in vaping e-juices, the labels on JUUL pods list the additions in detail. This information can help you make an informed choice.

Percentage of Nicotine in Each JUUL Pod

Unlike many other brands, JUUL pods contain nicotine by weight instead of volume. Accordingly, pods marked as 5% nicotine contain a total of 59 milligrams of the compound in each milliliter of e-liquid. This nicotine content is similar to the concentration of the drug in a single pack of cigarettes. In other words, consuming a single JUUL pod is equivalent to 200 puffs. JUUL pods are also available in a 3% nicotine concentration where the e-liquid contains 23 milligrams of the drug in each milliliter of e-juice. Users trying to make the transition to a smokeless lifestyle can begin with the 5% range and gradually, switch to the lower percentage flavors as their bodies adapt.

How JUUL Pods Work

You’ll buy prefilled JUUL pods in the specific flavors you like. The e-liquid is a clear compound that heats up on coming into contact with the coils in the JUUL device. The high temperatures break down the liquid and convert it into new chemicals in the form of the vapors that you inhale.

At JUUL Labs, we are totally committed to delivering nothing but high-grade products that are safe to use. The components of our e-liquids are carefully checked against the FDA Harmful and Potentially Harmful Constituents (HPHCs) list. We also have a customized JUUL Disqualified Ingredients List. When you choose JUUL, you can rest assured that you’re vaping with nothing but the best.

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Classic Tobacco, Creme, Cucumber, Fruit, Mango, Menthol, Mint, Tobacco, Virgnia Tobacco




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