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The JUUL pods are designed for snapping onto the JUUL vaping device with utmost convenience. Each pod is leak-proof and instantly changeable to any flavor you prefer for the day.

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The JUUL pods contain a special e-liquid that has been developed after extensive research. Users looking for starter kits to switch from cigarette-smoking to safer options can easily opt for the JUUL devices with their compatible pods. Available in 8 different flavors, the e-liquids in the pods undergo strict quality control checks that make sure they produce only a satisfying vapor without the risk of igniting.

Each of the e-liquids contains a combination of various ingredients such as:

  • A mix of 30:70 or 40:60 Propylene glycol and glycerin – both of these compounds are frequently used to manufacture cosmetics and medicines and are also added to food. When heated they give you a throat kick similar to smoking with clouds of vapors that simulate the activity. Trick your psyche into thinking you’re getting the nicotine fix.
  • The nicotine content provides you just the right hit to satisfy your cravings. However, the nicotine used is a highly-purified extract that is often used in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Naturally-occurring benzoic acid is commonly found in tobacco. Adding this compound to the e-liquid helps give you an experience similar to smoking a cigarette but without the harmful chemicals.
  • Artificial flavoring adds a new dimension to your vaping. Choose from tastes like crème brulee, real tobacco, mint, menthol, and cucumber among others and never go back to smoking again.

At JUUL Labs, we are totally committed to delivering nothing but high-grade products that are safe to use. The components of our e-liquids are carefully checked against the FDA Harmful and Potentially Harmful Constituents (HPHCs) list. We also have a customized JUUL Disqualified Ingredients List. When you choose JUUL, you can rest assured that you’re vaping with nothing but the best.

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