Juul Starter Kit


Perfect starter kit for Nicotine Replacement Therapy, contains a rechargeable JUUL device, USB charging dock, and four JUUL Pods with a range of flavors like Crème Brulee, Mango, Virginia Tobacco, and Mint.

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Any heavy smoker looking to kick the habit for good by replacing cigarettes with a safer alternative can opt for the JUUL starter kit. Including a magnetic battery that charges quickly, the pods are easy to use without a collection of buttons and switches that make programming complicated. All you need to do is load your JUUL Pod and get started. Rest assured that the JUUL devices from the Blackout range of Starter Kits are a good value for the money thanks to the one-year limited warranty you get along with excellent customer care. Nicotine addicts who have been dealing with the ash, stench of burning tobacco, and singe marks everywhere will find that the new vaping experience is a far cleaner, more manageable activity.

The JUUL pods are similar to conventional cigarettes in the sense that they have 5% nicotine content and give you just the right kind of throat kick you need. The e-liquids contain a combination of benzoic acid, nicotine, natural oils, glycerol, propylene glycol, and natural extracts to add that special flavor to your vaping experience. You will love the sleek, slim, stylish design that fits easily into your pocket without the risk of leakages and accidental ignition. Avoid the acrid cloud of cigarette smoke and replace it with pleasant aromas of fruits, herbs, and desserts. Of course, novices who are trying vaping for the first time and need the satisfaction of the real thing can always opt for Virginia tobacco that will give you the impression of smoking but without the harmful effects.

Is there anything to worry about? Oh yes! You might switch over to the pleasurable sensations of the gentle fragrances of e-liquids and never want to quit. And, not being able to stand normal cigarettes after vaping with the JUUL is a common downside. Enjoy!

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