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Mr. Salt-E Blackberry 30mL


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Indulge in the sweet and slightly sour taste of the rich blackberry presented by this unique flavor from Mr. Salt E.


Imagine wandering through the forests in search of brambles that conceal a rich treat – succulent, juicy blackberries that charm you with their amazing taste. That’s what you get from the Mr. Salt E Blackberry flavor, a taste that seems like a welcome change from the acrid, harsh fumes of conventional cigarettes. All the same, you’ll love the lovely white vapors that are similar to regular smoking. These vapors come from the combination of Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG) both of which are food-grade compounds. Add to the 60/40 ratio of VG and PG is the small amount of Benzoic Acid and you get a vaping experience that is smooth and flavorful, but with none of the throat hit that comes from regular e-juices.

What sets the Mr. Salt E apart? The manufacturers of this range of nic salts extract nicotine from the leaves of the tobacco plant using a special process to get ions in salt form. When added to the e-juice, the ions travel less slowly to your body’s receptors making vaping a safer activity. You’ll also find that just a few whiffs from your device are enough to satiate your cravings making the juice last longer. That’s because the nicotine content in the nic salts is 25mg and 45mg which is enough for even heavy smokers.

Add the e-juice to your vaping pods using the convenient dropper and snap into the pod-system. Take a draw from the device to activate it and enjoy the rich clouds of vapor that it releases. In case you’re concerned, the 30ml bottle of the e-liquid comes with a child-proof cap to keep out kids and pets.

Enjoy the first steps to a smoke-free lifestyle!

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