Mr. Salt-E Blue Razz Lemonade 30mL


Mr. Salt E presents an exciting flavor that refreshes you with its lemonade flavor infused with a surprise – succulent blueberries with their tart taste creating a contrast with the sweet.

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If you love blueberries, you will love this enchanting flavor from Mr. Salt E that infuses their taste into a tall, chilled glass of sweet lemonade. And, if you don’t particularly like blueberries, you’ll become a fan after the first whiff of the Blue Razz from Mr. Salt E. Combine this refreshing summery drink with any meal of the day or as an in-between for a lovely break. And, yes! We’re talking about an e-juice for your pod-based vaping mod.

If you’ve been finding it hard to quit smoking, you need an alternative that satisfies your cravings for nicotine, but at the same time is a better, more pleasurable activity. Opt for vaping with e-juices containing 25mg or 45mg of nicotine that is suitable for heavy smokers who normally go through at least a pack of cigarettes per day. But, instead of the unpleasant burning smell of tobacco and more than 7,000 other harmful ingredients, you’ll breathe in scents of lemonade with hints of blueberries. Try the e-juices and given a choice between conventional smoking and vaping, you’ll never want to light up a cig again.

As a beginner, know that the Mr. Salt E range of e-juices are in fact nic salts that are a safer version of regular e-liquids. Having been extracted in salt form from the leaves of the tobacco plant, the ions assimilate slowly into your body’s receptors making them a safer choice. As you continue to vape, choose lower levels of nicotine until you’re down to 0%. With Mr. Salt E, you’ll never notice the difference. Ready to quit smoking? Here’s the ideal first step!

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