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Mr. Salt-E Grapple Melon 30mL


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An interesting blend of green apples with hints of grapes mingled with the crispy tones of luscious slices of watermelon, a great, innovative flavor from Mr. Salt E.


For the uninitiated, the grapple is actually a fruit. Think tangy green apples covered with a coat of concentrated grapes tossed up in a bowl of juice, red cubes of watermelon. That’s the surprisingly yummy flavor from Mr. Salt E, a range of nic salts. In case you’re wondering what that is, know that nic salts are extracted from the leaves of the tobacco plant using special processes that maintain the integrity of the ions. Your body’s nicotine receptors absorb the ions more slowly making this form of e-juices safer than conventional cigarettes.

You’ll buy the Grapple Melon flavored e-juice from Mr. Salt E in bottles of 30ml each with a convenient dropper for loading your vaping pods. In case you’re concerned, the nicotine levels of 25mg and 45mg in this flavor is well-suited for the needs of heavy smokers who typically go through a pack or more of cigarettes each day. The Grapple Melon satiates your cravings but without the smell of tar and any of the other harmful ingredients that damage your body. Over time, you can replace the nicotine content with lower percentages until the time you kick the habit completely.

As a smoker trying to get over your addiction, the Grapple Melon is one of the best alternatives and helps you get used to the smoother sensations quickly. You’ll notice none of the harshness in the throat that comes from smoking but at the same time, you’ll experience rich vapors and sweet aromas. Switch over to vaping devices loaded with nic salts and you’ll be surprised how easy it is to turn your life around. Happy vaping!

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