Mr. Salt-E Grapple Melon Ice 30mL


Picture a bowl of colorful fruit salad piled high with green apples, grapes, and watermelon chilled to a point when the ice crystals start to form, a mouthwatering flavor from Mr. Salt E.


Fans of fruit salad can never seem to get enough of this delightful flavor from Mr. Salt E called the Grapple Melon Ice. If you’ve been curious about the title, you’ll understand what it’s all about with the first draw from your vaping mod. When you inhale, you’ll bite into a fresh, juicy apple which has been dipped into a concentrated solution of grapes and water. And, when you exhale, you’ll sense the tastes of a crispy red watermelon. But, each whiff has an underlying chill that refreshes you and fills your mouth with ice cubes.

Regular smokers who have always been used to the burnt taste of tobacco and the smell of smoke that invades their hair, skin, and clothes will love this refreshing change which is the perfect excuse to quit the habit. Now, everywhere you go, you’ll float in a cloud of fruity aromas. But, can this e-juice make up for the nicotine cravings? It will interest you to know that the Mr. Salt E range of e-juices are in fact nic salts that are extracted using an innovative process. Available in nicotine strengths of 25mg and 45mg, the e-juice is perfect for even the heavy smoker who can go through a pack or more a day.

Mr. Salt E understands that conventional smoking is a lot about physical and psychological factors also. Rest assured that the Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol provide you with lovely clouds of vapor that are similar to the smoke from regular cigarettes. Go ahead and opt for increasingly lower levels of the nicotine content until you bring it down to 0%. Congratulations! You just beat the nicotine habit.

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