Mr. Salt-E Menthol Ice 30mL


An icy cool flavor from Mr. Salt E that instantly transports you to the frozen wastelands of the Antartica with chilly icicles hanging from your vaping mod.


If you’re looking for a unique flavor that contains nothing but pure icy cool freshness, you absolutely must try the Mr. Salt E Menthol Ice. With every inhale or exhale, you’ll instantly travel to a land of vast expanses of ice floes floating on the incredible blue of oceans sparkling in the cold sunshine. Lovers of the brain freeze that comes from eating ice cream too quickly can replicate the sensations by puffing on their vaping mods.

If you’ve been smoking with menthol cigarettes and are looking for an alternative to kick the habit, know that Mr. Salt E doesn’t come just close enough, it goes 10 steps forward. That’s because you won’t get any of the throat irritation or burnt smell of tobacco along with the menthol. Instead, you’ll breathe in pleasing flavors that seem to lift your mood. Experts in smoking also talk about how the activity has psychological nuances with smokers needing to see the smoke and feel the sensation of holding the stick in their hands.

Vaping with Mr. Salt E gives you the vapors you want to see thanks to food-grade compounds like Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol. These elements are similar to smoking but have none of the dangerous chemicals contained in cigarettes. Load the e-juice into your refillable pods, take a whiff, and safely enjoy the smoothness of Iceland that goes down your throat. The Mr. Salt E range of e-liquids contain 25mg or 45mg of nicotine that is ideal to calm the cravings of heavy smokers. As you go along, switch to the lower percentages of nicotine until you give up the habit entirely.

Try vaping and you’ll find that this is certainly the right way to quit smoking.

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