Mr. Salt-E Mint 30mL


A lovely cooling sensation washing over your taste buds, mouth, and nose to refresh you in every season, a memorable flavor from Mr. Salt E.


Who wouldn’t love the peppermint tastes of the Mr. Salt E Mint Flavor with their sweetness that transports you through a gamut of different memories bringing a smile to your lips? Remember the peppermint red and white candy cane of Christmas and the icy, freshness of cool mint ice cream sliding over your tongue in summer. Sip on tall glasses of mojitos and crunch on the mint leaves glistening on the ice. All of these sensations are crammed into this delightful flavor from Mr. Salt E.

If you’ve been looking for the most practical solution for your smoking habit, you can’t go wrong with the Mr. Salt E flavors that contain nicotine levels of 25mg and 45mg. These levels are adequate to satiate the strongest of cravings that heavy smokers go through. Switch to vaping with this flavor and you’ll start to enjoy the sweet tastes that are a stark contrast to burning, acrid smoke of conventional cigarettes. Replace the irritation in your eyes and throat with a smooth vapor that slides in with none of the harshness.

Wondering how this is even possible? Mr. Salt E range of e-juices contain a pure form of nicotine ions extracted using special processes from the leaves of the tobacco plant. While the salts can calm your anxiety, they won’t affect your body cells in the same way as the nicotine from regular smoking. Load the e-juice into your refillable vaping pods using the convenient dropper and puff away rich vapors that come not from burning tobacco but from heating food-grade compounds like vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol.

Give up smoking by choosing increasingly lower doses of nicotine and be successful at kicking the habit. It’s as simple as that!

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