Mr. Salt-E Strawberry 30mL


A fruity flavor bursting with the goodness of summer and juicy, ripe strawberries ripened by the sun to pamper your taste buds.


Mr. Salt E has an exciting range of vaping e-liquids for you that is insanely popular because of their smooth taste that goes down without being harsh on the throat. The Strawberry flavor treats you to the satisfying tastes of sun-ripened pure fruit harvested from sprawling fields glistening in the sun. Dream of luscious strawberries each time you take a hit with your vaping mod picturing succulent bites even as you fill your mouth with clouds of vapor.

Available in specifications of 25mg and 45mg, Mr. Salt E Strawberry e-liquids are ideal for the heavy-duty smoker trying to quit smoking. If you’re looking for e-juices that have a high percentage of nicotine to replace the drug in conventional cigarettes, the Strawberry flavor is precisely what you need. Over time, your body will habituate to the fruity taste and scarcely notice the lowered percentages of nicotine until you get over the addiction entirely.

Mr. Salt E contains compounds like Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol along with Benzoic Acid. However, the nicotine content is in the form of salts that occur naturally in the tobacco plant. These ions don’t interact with your body’s receptors that efficiently making them safer than other e-liquids and e-juices. For this reason, you can opt for stronger nicotine percentages without worrying about the throat hit. Make sure to use the nic salts with high-resistance, low-wattage atomizers and vaping mods with pod-based systems, and you’re sorted. Each bottle contains about 30ml of the e-juice complete with a dropper for easy loading. Rest assured that the cap is child-proof and protects young family members and pets.

Quitting smoking has never been so easy. Try the Strawberry flavor from Mr. Salt E and see for yourself.

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