Mr. Salt-E Strawberry Watermelon (Strawmelon Taffy) 30mL


Enjoy the taste of soft, chewy candy loaded with the subtle flavors of crunchy, juicy watermelons and delicious ripe strawberries.


Mr. Salt E brings you the freshness of summer enshrined in the Strawmelon taste. As the name suggests, the flavor is a lovely blend of fruity hints of crispy green watermelons loaded with juicy red pulp and the sweet-sour taste of strawberries. Try this vaping e-liquid and imagine succulent fruits filling your mouth with an unforgettable taste. Add to that is an interesting twist – that of the sinfully rich taste of taffy. Switch to this e-juice flavor when trying to kick your smoking habit and replace the acrid smell and taste of cigarettes with a lovely experience dating back to your childhood.

The Mr. Salt E Strawmelon is a feast for the senses. Close your eyes as you take a draw on your vaping mod and you’ll have visions of gleaming fresh strawberries sliced and piled into a bowl atop the red pulpy flesh of a watermelon. Side by side, you may be surprised and delighted at the hints of pulled taffy smothering your tongue with delicious sweetness. Rest assured that the nicotine content in this e-juice is high enough to satiate the cravings of the most heavy-duty smoker but is smooth without the harsh throat kick.

Each bottle of the Mr. Salt E Strawmelon contains 30ml of the e-juice and comes with a dropper that you can use to load your refillable vaping pods. With compounds like Vegetable Glycerin, Benzoic Acid, and Propylene Glycol, the e-liquid gives off rich clouds of vapor that mimic the sensations of smoking conventional cigarettes. But, at the same time, the fruity scents please the senses replacing your addiction to nicotine with a desire for gentle tastes. Quit smoking quickly and instead choose a safer activity.

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