Mr. Salt-E Tobacco 30mL


Indulge in the romance of the wild, wild west when macho men thundered across the rugged plains puffing away clouds of rich tobacco similar to the Mr. Salt E Tobacco. 


If you’ve always been fascinated with the persona of the rugged cowboy, now is the time to mimic that seductive charm of tobacco with its clouds of smoke billowing behind tall steeds. But, with a key difference. The Mr. Salt E Tobacco flavor comes without the dangers of conventional cigarettes and cigars. Choose this flavor for your vaping experience and you’ll avoid the 7,000 chemicals normally inhaled with smoking. The nicotine salts contained in this e-liquid won’t harm your body’s receptors like the real thing but will give you supreme satisfaction and calm your carvings.

The Mr. Salt E Tobacco flavor gives you more than the rich, robust tastes of real tobacco, it allows you to avoid the rough throat hit making your vaping activity smooth and enjoyable. Use the salts with any non-sub-ohm devices and mod systems like the JUULs that operate on low power. The Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG) contained in the e-juices are food-grade compounds in carefully balanced at ratios of 60/40. These compounds provide you the vapors and sensations of smoking without causing any real harm to your body. You will also find that each bottle contains 30ml of product and comes with a dropper which is highly convenient for filling your vaping pods while the child-proof cover protects pets and young family members.

The Tobacco flavor is ideal for die-hard smokers who absolutely need the taste of the real thing to kill their cravings. So, if you’re looking to make the transition to a smoke-free lifestyle, the Mr. Salt E brand of e-juices should be your first choice. Go ahead and quit smoking, today!

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