Naked 100 Salt – MELON (Polar Breeze) – 30ML


Naked 100 Salt- Frost Bite/ Polar Breeze is an ideal combination of Sweet pineapples, smooth and crispy Honeydew and tangy cantaloupe, artistically blended with menthol to offer you a rush of flavors and freshness in your mouth.


Authenticity is a rare quality, especially when it comes to taste and flavors. However, Naked 100 Salt is dedicated to offer authenticity in every e-juice it offers. The Naked 100 Salt- Frost Bite/ Polar Breeze is one such authentic product from the range of Naked 100 Salt e-juices. Just as the name suggests, the e-juice brings you a rush of freshness just like the cool breeze and leaves your senses tantalized with a delightful sensation. It presents a combination of exotic pineapples, the crispy taste of honeydew and the tangy flavors of cantaloupe expertly blended with the dash of cool menthol.

A perfect concoction for vape lovers, the salt nic is perfect to relax and enjoy the recreational experience of vaping. While the sweet and tangy flavors of the fruits added to the blend, leave your mouth to enjoy the delightful tastes, the cool menthol refreshes your senses inside out. You will feel fresh as you inhale this delectable e-juice from your favorite vaping device.

The Naked 100 Salt- Frost Bite/ Polar Breeze comes in a plastic packaging of 30 ml. Affordably priced, it can be enjoyed in two variants that contain Nicotine- 35mg & 50 mg. The bottle is attractive and at the same time is made to offer child safety. It has a child-safe cap and a dropper function, which is easy to use. The e-juice is ideal for POD SYSTEMS and other LOW POWER devices. It is highly recommended to the users to not use the e-juice with any RDA’s or sub-ohm tanks and devices.

Enjoy this e-juice and experience a whole new experience of vaping with a cool feeling of freshness in every breath.

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Nicotine Level



Naked 100



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Fruits, Menthol


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