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Puff Bar Disposable


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Puff Bar Disposables is a selection of sleek, compact vape pens complete with a 250mAh battery and prefilled with 1.3mL e-juice in an amazing range of flavors to suit every palate. A simple to use, All-Day-Vape (ADV)!


Compact, discreet, and available in a rainbow of colors and flavors, the Puff Bar Disposables range is everything that you might want in an ADV. Indulge in a plethora of different tastes designed to suit every palate without worrying about running out of battery life and e-juice. Each Puff Bar pen is shaped like a USB drive, and self-integrated to include all the components of an efficient Mouth to Lung vape. The device is easy to activate – just take a draw and fill your mouth with rich clouds of vapor. Thanks to the efficient 280mAh battery, here is a disposable that seems to last and last. Check out these amazing flavors to choose from. We’d suggest you start off with Watermelon Puff Bar and Peach Ice Puff Bar.

The Fruit Range

Watermelon Puff Bar – One of the fastest-running flavors from Puff, the Watermelon treats your taste buds to the succulent tastes of the eternal summer favorite. Opening notes, closing notes, and everything in between, the sweetness of watermelons revitalizes and refreshes.

Grape – The first time you taste Puff Bar grape, prepare for a surprise because this flavor is more than just about grapes. Each whiff teases with just subtle tones of mixed berries and has you struggling to identify them. Lasting for up to 300 puffs, Grape won’t let you stop.

Strawberry Banana – The classical favorites that fruit lovers absolutely love when blended together into a unique medley deliver a magical taste. Taste red, juicy strawberries dancing with sun-ripened bananas, the tang balanced with the creamy sweetness in an unmatched duet. You’ll love it almost as much as you appreciate Peach Ice Puff, another fantastic flavor from the brand.

Pomegranate – If you ever thought that the taste of pomegranates cannot be replicated into a vaping e-liquid, think again. Because here’s one of the most unusual of Puff Bar flavors. The exotic authenticity of bright red pomegranates has been captured perfectly to create this amazing ADV.

Sour Apple – You’ll probably find apples on every list of vape e-juice flavors. But, this one raises the “bar” thanks to the sour taste that dominates the sweet undertones and is utterly surprising. Enjoy the juicy, crunchy texture of Granny Smith apples hidden in a vape e-juice.

Strawberry – Each draw you take will fill your mouth with the crunchy taste of delicious, ripe strawberries, glistening a bright red. Even if you aren’t a fruit lover, this amazing flavor is sure to make you a convert and keep you coming back for more. Try it!

Mango – Your vaping experience would certainly be incomplete without a taste of this golden king of fruits. Exotic, utterly sweet, and totally satisfying. Take a break from the stress of daily life and inhale on this disposable vape that stands out from the crowd of generic mango flavors. Switch between the awesome Watermelon Puff Bar to add excitement to your ADV.

O.M.G. – No vape juice has been so aptly named as the O.M.G. Reflecting notes of Orange, Mango, and Guava, this Puff Bar Disposable flavor is simply breathtaking. Your taste buds will rejoice at the hints of citrus and tropical fruits crammed into a stylish vape pen that is smart and sleek.

The Icy Menthol Range

If you absolutely love the sensations of icy menthol hitting your senses with undertones of fruits, you’ll love this collection from Puff Bar Disposables.

Blueberry Ice – Take a whiff and you’ll instantly fall in love with the tart and sweet flavor of delicious blueberries chilled on ice. Inhale to experience the tangy taste of the berries and exhale to celebrate their sweet goodness, just right without being too overwhelming.

Tangerine Ice – Chilled tangerine segments with a dash of icicles in every bite. Enjoy every bite of the sweet citrus fruit all packed into a sleek, ergonomic design that fits perfectly into your palm. Impossible to put down or not stock up, just in case you run out. And, while you’re at it, do check out the entire range of Disposables.

Lychee Ice – This one delivers a delicious floral aroma that is sweet and sour at the same time. Sink your teeth into each bite doused in a generous dose of ice. Unusual and unique, this lychee flavor tantalizes your senses and has them begging for more. Just like the Peach Ice Puff, another yummy e-juice from the brand.

Melon Ice – You don’t have to wait for summer to indulge in the taste of chilled melons, their succulence refreshing and stimulating you in the heat. There’s nothing subdued about this flavor. It is bold, dashing, and makes no excuses for egging you onto the next puff.

Peach Ice – The menthol touch in this Puff Bar flavor sets it apart from the other brands with the standard sweetness of peaches. The icy coolness adds that something extra allowing you to go on an exciting adventure of sensations. Who knew that peaches could taste like this?

Guava Ice – Here’s another icy flavor that surprises with its ingenuity. Try tropical pink guavas topped with a load of ice whole or converted into a “juice” form. Sense their pulpy texture and the slight crunch of tiny seeds that seem to enhance the entire experience. Add this flavor to your repertoire of flavors for that day along with the ultimate Watermelon Puff Bar.

Banana Ice – If you loved Banana from the Puff collection, take it up a notch with Banana Ice. Dip your spoon into a bowl of chilled ice cream sitting on top of the sliced fruit. When you get to the bottom, the creamy texture of this tropical delight will have taken on some of the chills of the ice. Divine!

Lush Ice – Our testers at Blackout Vapors couldn’t quite place this flavor from Puff Bar Disposables. Does it belong in the Icy Menthol sections or in the selection of other exciting flavors? We’ve added it to this list, but we’d love to hear about your thoughts. Any ideas? We say ice, lots of it, crunching under your teeth. Breathtaking – to say the least!

And, Other Exciting Flavors to Try!

Cucumber – Cucumber has always been the summer staple that is synonymous with a salad designing to keep the heat away. Combine that with hints of menthol, and you have a refreshing vape specifically designed for vapers who don’t really care for sweet tastes.

Tobacco – No vape collection would be complete with the classic Tobacco designed for smokers looking for the ideal nicotine replacement therapy. Break your dependence on cigarettes with Tobacco from Puff and transition to some of the other sensational tastes and flavors.

Cool Mint – Sip on this classic summer cooler that is crisp, smooth, and revitalizing. The clouds in your mouth feel cool with just a whisper of sweetness that remains with you. From the first draw to the last of the over 200 puffs, each is a whole new experience.

Pineapple Lemonade – Of all the flavors that you can get from Puff Bar, this one treats you to the experience of a sunny, tropical beach. Sip on lip-smacking citrus lemonade flavored with a topping for tangy yet sweet pineapples drenched in the sunshine.

Menthol (Spearmint) – If you’re looking for a substitute for menthol cigarettes, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll get the same satisfaction from this Puff disposable as any conventional smoke. We won’t blame you if you can’t go back and become totally dependent on this vape. Next on your list would be Watermelon Puff Bar and we promise that you’ll break your addiction to nicotine.

Clear – If you’ve always been curious about how vaping would taste without the fruit flavors, we have just what you’ve been looking for. A delightful vape, pure and without any frills. Try it just for the fun of vaping with just a hint of menthol. But, with the rich clouds that accompany a high-grade vape.

Blue Razz – So, why does the Blue Razz belong to the other exciting Puff Bar flavors category? You might argue that the tastes of this ADV are more like a sinful blend of red raspberries and juicy blueberries. But, at Blackout Vapors, our testers have likened the flavor to that of decadent candy.

Café Latte – For all those vapers who seem to never get the time to grab a coffee on their way to work, Cafe Latte is just the thing. An exciting breakfast vape, it satisfies your cravings for both nicotine and caffeine with just a few puffs. An interesting blend that you can never get enough of.

Pink Lemonade – Beverage or fruit flavor? Let’s see now. Fans love this delicious summer cooler that pleases the eyes as much as it enchants the taste buds. Pink Lemonade has the tang of citrusy lemonade with a hint of berries. Together they have you salivating for more. It’s hard to put down this vape much like the Peach Ice Puff, another of our extremely popular flavors.

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