Savage Salt – Bond 30mL


A refreshing mix of tropical fruits absolutely what you need on a hot summer’s day or a chilly winter afternoon – a great offering from Savage Salts.


Don’t get misled by the tough-sounding name of Bond. This e-juice flavor is exactly the opposite and provides you with subtle tastes that soothe your senses. Dig into a bowl of fresh fruit with crunchy kiwis and dragon fruit topped with sweet strawberries and a sprinkling of mint leaves each time you take a whiff of the Savage Salts Bond. Cool breezes will wash over you and you’ll feel rejuvenated by the chilled mint. What a delightful contrast from the acrid burnt smell of tobacco that you typically get when you smoke conventional cigarettes!

In case you’re wondering how the Savage e-juice gives you vapors similar to a burning cigarette, know that e-liquids contain Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol. Both of these compounds are food-grade elements and give off vapors when they heat up. However, they have none of the 7,000 toxic chemicals that you may absorb when smoking regular tobacco sticks. At the same time, the 35mg and 50mg nicotine content in the e-liquid calms your craving for the drug. You’ll also sense a smoothness that is nothing like the typical throat roughness you usually feel.

Each bottle of the Savage Salts contains 30ml of e-liquid complete with a dropper for convenient loading. These e-juices are compatible with high resistance and low wattage vape mods. Add the salts into the refillable pods and you can begin vaping simply by taking a draw. If you’ve been trying to switch to a healthier lifestyle, vaping could possibly be the best way. You’ll move on to the tastes of luscious fruits and gradually graduate to lower levels of nicotine until you reach the 0% level. Isn’t that awesome!

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