Savage Salt – Quinn 30mL


A deliciously sinful dessert vape from Savage Salts that treats you to a raspberry cookie with just the right amount of tartness smothered in sweet cream.


If you absolutely can’t resist fruity desserts, the Savage Salts Quinn is the perfect vaping flavor for you. Imagine biting into a yummy golden-brown raspberry cookie just hinting at the sweet-sour taste of berries while licking up rich beaten cream. Choosing this e-liquid allows you to enjoy your favorite confectionery without worrying about the calories. At the same time, the salt form of nicotine in the e-juice inflicts far less damage to your body’s receptors than conventional cigarettes. It may interest you to know that the nicotine content in Savage Salts is in extracted from the leaves of the tobacco plant using a system that makes the ions safer.

Go ahead and move on to a healthier lifestyle with the Savage e-liquids that satisfy your cravings for a cigarette thanks to high nic content of 35mg and 50mg. Smokers who need at least 20 smokes a day can get by on just a few puffs from their JUUL or any other vaping device. Are you concerned about not getting the necessary physical and psychological sensations? The Savage Salts e-juices contain a ratio of 70:30 Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol that convert into rich vapors as they burn. You won’t even miss smoking a regular cigarette.

Quitting smoking is possibly one of the most difficult to kick habits. For this reason, you need a replacement that is better than the acrid burnt taste and rough throat sensations. With the Savage Salts, you can avoid all the downsides of your dependence on the drug. Gradually shift to lower percentages of nicotine and soon you’ll vape with 0% nicotine only for recreation. Happy vaping!

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