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Solace Salts – Mango 30mL


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Take an instant trip to the tropics with a delicious bite of the “King of Fruits” – an unforgettable flavor from Solace Salts.


Lovers of fruit-flavored vaping e-liquids must try the Solace Salts Mango that fills your mouth with the luscious taste of ripe, golden mangoes. Transport your senses instantly to warm tropical climes and imagine swinging from a hammock on the beach digging into a bowl of diced mangoes topped with cream.

If you’ve been finding it hard to quit smoking, you need an e-liquid that satisfies your craving for nicotine but, at the same, offers a more pleasurable experience. The Solace Salts range has a nicotine content of 50mg which is ideal for heavy smokers who have tried unsuccessfully in the past to get over their addiction. Add to that is the well-balanced ratio of Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol that gives you rich vapors that closely mimic the real thing. Switch to the mango flavor and you will enjoy the sweet fruity taste that is a stark contrast to the burnt smell of tobacco.

Once your body adapts to the taste, you can move on to lower levels of nicotine until you don’t even notice the absence of the drug. An added advantage of vaping with Solace Salts is that the e-liquid contains nic salts which are a different, safer version of nicotine. Extracted from the leaves of the tobacco plant in salt form, the ions affect your body’s receptors gradually so you can get by with just a few puffs from the vaping mod. Load up your pod using the convenient dropper, click onto the JUUL mod or any other vaping device with low wattage, and you’re all set.

In no time, you’ll have kicked your nicotine habit and moved on to a safer recreation form that is certainly not addictive. Enjoy!

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