Solace Salts – Peach 30mL


Munch on your favorite Gummy Peach Rings with this unbelievably awesome flavor from Solace Salts that has an unexpected twist.


If you’ve always loved the chewy taste of the yellow and orange Gummy Peach Rings, you will quickly get addicted to this flavor from Solace Salts. Formerly called Neked Peach Rings, the Solace Salts Peach takes you back to the time when you skipped along to your favorite candy store and brought back bags of the sweet treats. Each time you inhale, you’ll taste ripe peaches sprinkled with savory sugar crystals. But each time you exhale, you’ll sense the surprising after tastes of succulent mangoes.

Heavy smokers who have been looking for the perfect alternative that will help them make the transition to a healthier lifestyle can choose this exciting flavor. The e-juice contains high levels of 30mg or 50mg nicotine that can satiate your cravings for the drug. However, you’ll avoid inhaling the over 7,000 toxic chemicals that cause serious damage to your body. Over time, move on to lower levels of nicotine until you bring the percentage down to 0%. Soon, you’ll be vaping only for recreation in place of being addicted to it.

If you absolutely need the physical and psychological sensations of conventional smoking, the evenly balanced content of Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol will give you rich vapors and a mild throat tickle. Use the dropper on the 30ml bottle to load your refillable pods and vape away. But, keep in mind that these nic salts are designed only for use with low-wattage mouth to lung devices with high resistance.

Why breathe in the acrid burnt fumes of burning tobacco when you can suck on peach-flavored candy? Switch to vaping with this e-juice from Solace Salts and you’ll never go back to smoking again!

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