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The Ultimate Guide to Vandy Vape

Vandy Vape is a range of high-grade vaping products designed to help nicotine addicts make the transition to a safer lifestyle. The brand offers you a collection of innovative squonk mods, vape kits, RDAs, and RTAs. Whether you would prefer to buy prefabricated devices or build your own mods, you’ll find all the required accessories online at Vandy Vape by Blackout Vapors. Place orders with a click of a button and the website delivers within a few days. If you need assistance and directions, the consultants are happy to help you with all the information you need.

The Vandy Vape manufacturing company is based in Shenzhen and was originally founded by Stephan Zhang in the year 2016. Today, you can choose from a selection of products such as the Pulse, Pyro, Bonza, Kylin, and Berserker to match your tastes and requirements. Some of these brands are available in high-end versions that include upgrades of the original releases. Here’s a closeup view of some of the squonk mod kits and other products and how you can use them.

Understanding Vandy Vape Pulse Atomizers

The Vandy Vape Pulse V2 RDA range of atomizers are compatible with any kind of mods including the Vandy Vape Pulse Dual Mod. These atomizers are available in specifications of single or dual coils and three different airflow modes. Available in the form of switchable inserts, the airflow modes are included in the kit so you can replace as needed. The interesting thing about the kits is that you can assemble them to match your vaping needs. You’ll receive spare parts like O-rings and gaskets of different sizes, Clapton coils, and the necessary tools to insert the coils into place. The kit also includes spare gold-plated conductor screws.

Positives of Using Vandy Vape RTAs and RDAs

Choosing to build your kits gives you the option of customizing your vaping experience while at the same time helping you economize. That’s because you can always replace the worn-out parts instead of buying an entirely new mod or e-cig. In case you’re concerned about leakages and the e-liquid entering your mouth, know that most Vandy Vape squonk mods come with an inbuilt ball bearing. This tiny piece of metal works using gravity and allows only the desired amount of e-juice to enter the wick placed on the build deck. Each time you release the squonk button, the excess e-liquid is simply sucked back into the tank ensuring smooth vaping. This simple mechanism also helps avoid the unpleasant taste of the flavored juice in your mouth.

How to Build the Mesh RDA from Vandy Vape to Avoid Leaking

The simple trick to avoid leakages in any kind of Vandy Vape RDA or squonking device is to make sure that the O-rings and gaskets are fixed properly. This rule works in all atomizers including RDAs and RTAs with coils or mesh. In case the seals are ripped or torn and the vacuum is faulty, you’ll likely note that the e-juice is leaking. Further, when fitting the top back after refilling, check that it clicks back into place securely to create an airtight space. And, finally, examine the bottle and tanks for any cracks or breaks where the e-liquid could be seeping through. Taking these simple precautions can give you perfect no-mess vaping.

How to Build the Vandy Vape Coils

Whether you’re trying to build a single or dual coil like, for example, the Vandy Vape Bonza know that the kit typically includes Vandy Vape prebuilt coils that you’ll simply insert into the RDA or RTA. Of course, you can also build the coils from a spool of Vandy Vape wire and use the Allen key tool to shape the coils to specification. In any case, slip the coil around the key tool and spin it a couple of times to check that the spring is taut. Most coils have extra lengths so you’ll have to measure the exact size you need. Match against the screws on the build deck and trim the excess so that the ends fit securely. Depending on the vaping experience you’re looking for, you can choose to insert a single or two coils into the build deck.

You may find that certain build decks have the screws placed at a larger distance and the coil may seem a bit smaller. A simple solution to get around the problem is to wind the ends of the coils around the pin. In this way, you get more spools and the coil can fit properly. Alternatively, you can tug at the coil so that the spools are spread slightly apart and, in this way, you can increase the total width of the coil.

Do keep in mind that the Vandy Vape Triple 28 RTA has space for three coils. If you’ve invested in one of these gadgets, you’ll follow the same steps. But, instead of one or two coils, you’ll insert three coils and screw them in firmly. Take a few additional minutes to make sure that the coils are set firmly. Floating coils will likely burn up the e-juice more quickly without enough vapors, and you don’t want that to happen.

Once you have the coil in place, make sure it is raised high enough and is not touching the base. You’ll also need to check that coil is centered properly and will not come into contact with the walls of the well or tank when you replace the top.

How to Build the Vandy Vape Mesh RDA

If you want to build a Vandy Vape Mesh RTA or RDA, the process is similar. The kit includes a stainless steel strip of mesh that you must trim to fit properly into the slots of the build deck. Of course, if you need extra mesh, you can always place an order for a roll of the Vandy Vape mesh wire at Blackout Vapors. Once you work out the desired length, snip off the excess to get smooth edges. You can now slip the mesh into the notches and screw in place. Press on the start button of the RDA to make sure the mesh is heating up and you’re all set.

How to Wick Your Vandy Vape Pulse Mod

The original Vandy Vape RDTA, RDA, and RTA kits have appropriate cotton wicks that you can use to build the device. Having tested that the coils are heating up properly, give them time to cool completely before working with the cotton. Slip a roll of the cotton through the coil or mesh. Make sure that you have adequate length and then trim off the excess. You’ll want smooth ends that fit snugly into the well of the build deck. After trimming, fluff out the ends and once you’ve set it in place, drip a few drops of the e-liquid to moisten the wick thoroughly. In case you’re using a Vandy Vape Pulse Mod or any other device with two coils, you’ll measure and insert two separate wicks into each of the coils.

How to Refill the Vandy Vape Squonk Bottles

Refilling the Vandy Vape Squonk bottle is extremely easy since both the refill bottle and the container inside the mod are both made with flexible silicone material. If you travel a lot, select the high-end versions of say, the Pulse Squonk Box Mod. Kits like these include an extra refill bottle made with silicone. Go ahead and fill the extra bottle, and bring with you to reload the mod on the go.

Here’s how to refill. You’ll be surprised to see how convenient the whole process is.

  1. Unscrew the top of the refill bottle and pour the e-liquid of your choice into the bottle.
  2. Replace the lid and remove the top screw cap.
  3. Invert the squonk mod and place it on top of the refill bottle. Screw it in place.
  4. Squeeze the bottle in the squonk mod to release the air.
  5. Once again, invert the squonk mod so that the refill bottle is upside down.
  6. You’ll note that gravity and vacuum work to force the e-liquid into the tank of the squonk mod.
  7. Fill to the desired level and you’re all set.

Instead of using the refill bottle, you can also fill the Vandy Vape Pulse Box mod directly. Here’s how:

  1. Open the top panel of the squonk mod.
  2. Remove the tank inside.
  3. Fill the tank directly after removing the top cap and feeder pipe inside.
  4. Take care not to fill to the very top, but leave a small gap to accommodate the pipe and prevent leaking.
  5. Close the cap and reinsert. Avoid squeezing the bottle when placing it back in the mod. And, to do that, you’ll want to hold the bottle using the metal ring around its neck for an easy grip.
  6. Replace the panel.
  7. If you’re using the squonk mod for the first time, attach the atomizer by screwing it on.
  8. Remove the drip tip at the top of the atomizer to expose the cotton wicks inside.
  9. Moisten the wick with a few drops of the e-liquid.
  10. Press the power button to heat the e-juice and release a small amount of vapor. Repeat 2 to 3 times to saturate the wick properly.
  11. Press on the squonk bottle to check and then, replace the drip tip. Your squonk mod is now ready for use.

Charging Up Your Vandy Vape Mods

Vandy Vape has a selection of RTA mods that are pre-programmed so all you need to do is insert the battery, plug in the USB charger, and start vaping. Alternatively, you can buy mods that give you the option of changing the settings to match your vaping needs.

The basic Pulse BF Box Mod is perfect for novice cloud chasers who are easing into their smoke-free lifestyles. The mod panels have tiny magnets that allow you to snap the mod open and close. You’ll also receive a bunch of spare parts in the kits along with extra magnets. Insert the battery with the negative on top, replace the panel, and push the power button to get started. In case you’re using the 20700 battery, it will fit perfectly into the slot. But, if you’ve chosen to use the 18650 battery, you must use the adapter included in the pack. That’s how easy it is to charge and turn on Vandy Vape mods.

How to Change the Wattage of the Vandy Vape Pulse

Your Vandy Vape Pulse BF 80 Watt has a chip installed along with a display screen that allows you to customize the wattage, ohm levels, and volts. Using the buttons on the side of the screen, you can raise or lower the wattage and other settings. For instance, the device supports a wattage ranging from 5 Watts to 80 Watts. As for the ohm, you can get levels of 0.5 Ohm and 0.8 to 0.15 Ohm which is the recommended ideal from Vandy Vape.

You can also control the temperatures according to the kind of coils you have inserted. Choose from specific settings for metals such as stainless steel, titanium, nickel, Nichrome (nickel-chromium), or kanthal wires. Keep in mind that while nickel wires can heat up quickly, titanium heats and cools quickly. Stainless steel coils are ideal for devices that allow you to control the temperature as needed. Having a vaping mod with a chip is a huge positive because you can expect to get firmware updates from time to time.

How to Lock Vandy Vape Squonk Box Watts?

In case you’re concerned about safety when using the Vandy Vape Pulse Mod, know that the device has various safety features that you’ll love.

  • The maximum wattage in this RDA vape mod is 80 Watts.
  • You’ll get temperature control to prevent overcurrent, overheating, and short circuits.
  • The device sends you alerts in case of low battery.
  • For added precaution, it is advisable to check the resistance of the coil using an ohm meter. But you do need to be cautious about the device getting too hot when fitting low-resistance coils into high wattage and high-temperature vaping mods and devices.
  • The device allows you to choose the appropriate setting according to the kind of coil you’re using. Like, for instance, if the coil is stainless steel, you’ll choose the “SS” setting. Similarly, if the coil is titanium or nickel, the right setting is “TI” or “NI,” respectively.
  • If you leave it sitting idle for about 15 minutes, the device may go into the sleep mode. When you’re ready to vape, simply push the power up button to activate.

What is the Ideal Wattage for the Vandy Vape Mesh?

The recommended wattage for the Vandy Vape Mesh RDA is 110 Watts and gives you a nice flavor. The only factor to keep in mind is that the mesh build deck is somewhat deeper so you’ll need a somewhat bigger and denser cotton wick. Also, make sure to tuck the cotton securely into place and you should have a smooth vaping experience. You may have to practice a little to work out the perfect amount of e-liquid you should squonk. When pressing down on the button, don’t squirt too much or you’ll taste the e-juice. At the same time, squonking an inadequate amount can give you a dry hit that is not exactly pleasant on the throat.

Why the Vandy Vape Looks like the Battery is Charging When It’s Not

Typically, vaping devices have an internal or external battery that is changeable as needed. You can connect the internal battery to a power source such as a USB wall adapter, computer, or power bank. Although you can charge the external batteries within the device, they may need compatible chargers to work.

Most rechargeable batteries have a fixed number of charging cycles and this number depends on individual units and your usage levels. Accordingly, some may last for 2 years or more while others of the same make and model may fail within a few months. If you find that your Vandy Vape battery is not holding a charge despite remaining connected to a power source for more than a few hours, consider changing the battery. You could also confirm that the battery is actually dead by trying it on another device. Of course, if you’ve just bought the device, know that you’ll want to charge it overnight and then begin vaping.

How Long Do the Build Coils in a Vandy Vape RDA Last?

The lifetime of any build coils in a Vandy Vape RTA or RDA depends on various factors. For instance:

  • The material used to make the coil: Lower quality coils wear out faster and you may note that after a time, the flavor doesn’t taste quite so good. Vandy Vape coils made with kanthal, titanium, and stainless steel are typically more durable and likely to last you longer.
  • Power and wattage used: If you regularly heat the coil to high power and use high wattage, you’ll wear out the coil sooner.
  • Vaping habits: Using your vaping device more often can require that you replace the coils sooner. Typically, coils can wear out anywhere from 3 to 8 days.

To answer the same question for mesh coils, they’ll last according to the frequency with which you vape, among other factors. You can make both coils and mesh last longer by using a few simple precautions. For instance, changing the cotton wick often is an effective move. Given that the coils expand each time they heat, make sure that the wick is always saturated with e-juice. In other words, avoid taking dry hits.

For best results, use the Vandy Vape replacement coils or mesh as directed in the sections above and begin vaping. Some rebuildable atomizers are designed to allow you to switch between coils and mesh as needed. As your experience with vaping improves, try experimenting with different kinds of coils until you find one that lasts a longer time. Keep in mind that wiping down and cleaning the deck from time to time can extend the durability of your coils. Also, avoid switching on and off too quickly and as far as possible, work with lower temperatures.

Warranty and After-Sales Service for Vandy Vape Products

One of the first questions you’ll likely have about Vandy Vape products is the warranty and after-sales services they offer. Rest assured to know that Vandy Vape offers a 90-day warranty with each of its products. In case you aren’t completely happy with the product or if you have questions, contact us at Blackout Vapors. Add details like:

  • Payment receipt number/ Order invoice number
  • Take a picture of the clearest holographic VV logo you can see on the product by holding the package at a 45-degree angle from the eye and attach it to your request
  • The QR code on the box, make sure the numbers and letters in the red rectangle and the bar code are clearly visible.
  • Additional information about the issue you’re facing

Quit Smoking and Switch to Vandy Vapes

Vandy Vape offers an interesting collection of box mods, squonk mods, and other devices along with a range of compatible coils, RDAs, and RTAs. Play around with the combinations and you’re sure to come up with a customized device that matches your vaping needs to a tee. Further, you can also experiment with the materials used to make the coils. Match them with various settings of wattages, temperatures, amount of air flow, and the number of coils or mesh in the atomizers. As you progress with vaping, you’ll be able to work out specific preferences and enjoy the experience all the more. Add to that is the immense range of flavors of e-juices, nic salts, and e-liquids, and you’ll wonder why you ever started conventional smoking.

For additional assistance, you can always call us at this number at Blackout Vapors: (716) 370-6134


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