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What Every Cloud Chaser Needs to Know About Wotofo

If you’re a seasoned cloud chaser, you probably have special preferences about the vaping experience you like. Thanks to the entry of the Wotofo range of equipment, you can now customize your vaping devices or atomizers. Choose from options like the Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer (RDA), Rebuildable Tank Atomizers (RTA), and vaping mods. Each of these devices is designed for vapers who don’t want to rely on regular disposable mods and would like to play around with the different kinds of equipment and flavors available today.

Wotofo Offers a Range of Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers (RDA)

Among the many RDAs Wotofo offers, you can choose from the Wotofo Profile or Wotofo Nudge. Both of these options are perfect for people who want customized atomizers.

Wotofo Profile RDA

Available in six attractive colors, the Wotofo Profile is designed to enhance your vaping experience when you’re using e-liquids with multiple flavors. The mesh coil in the RDA seems to break up the tastes, so you can enjoy every one of them individually. Created out of Kanthal A1 heating material, the mesh has a resistance of 0.18 Ohm and is compatible with devices having a performing wattage of between 40W and 60W. When you open the Wotofo Profile, you’ll find that the placement of the clamps secures the mesh firmly in place. The deck also has a ceramic base placed on a spring. This ceramic base prevents the cotton from sinking to the bottom of the deck and blocking the hole at the bottom. You’ll need that vaping vent open, so you continue to have a free flow of warm air. The Profile by Wotofo has two sets of honeycomb air inlets on opposite sides. By twisting the top cap, you can control the amount of air going into the mod and customize as needed.

Wotofo Nudge RDA

If you would prefer your RDA to have wire coils, then the Wotofo Nudge is a great product to invest in. The clamps are placed using a zigzag pattern that helps maximize airflow for a smooth draw. The Nudge is also available in a selection of six different colors. Further, since the deck is slightly elevated, you’ll find that the well has a larger capacity. As a result, you can go through long hours without the need to load the RDA. You can use both the 510 and 810 drip tip with this device and the slots on both sides allow the easy movement of air.

Building the Wotofo Profile

Should you choose to build the Wotofo Profile on your own, you’ll find that kit includes all the tools you’ll need to assemble the RDA.

Contents of the Wotofo Profile Kit

Open the box of the Wotofo Profile and here are the components you’ll find:

  • Wotofo Profile 24mm (1)
  • Wotofo Pre-Built Clapton Coils (1 bag)
  • 6mm Agleted Cotton Strip (1)
  • Bending Tool (1)
  • Bag of Extra O-Rings and Screws (1)
  • Mesh Style Coil Sheets (1 bag)
  • 810 Drip Tip (1 extra)
  • User manual with complete step-by-step instructions

How to Build the Wotofo Profile

  1. Screw open the cap of your Wotofo Profile and you’ll see the deck section. In the center is the white ceramic base that holds the cotton in place. On both sides of the ceramic base, you’ll see 2 slots where you’ll fit the mesh sheet included in the kit. These slots are created by a clamp on each side secured with a screw.
  2. Pull out one of the mesh strips and wrap it around the bending tool. Roll it a couple of times so that the mesh acquires the perfect curved shape.
  3. Place the ends of the mesh in the slots and using the screwdriver, tighten the screws so that the mesh stays firmly in place. You’ll see that the mesh creates a nice elevated curved structure above the ceramic base.
  4. Test that the mesh is properly set by hitting the start button on the device and allowing it to warm up a little.
  5. Now that the mesh is set, allow it to cool before inserting the cotton. Slip in the agleted roll of cotton, trim the excess on both sides, and fluff out the cotton a little. If needed, clip the cotton a little more so that the ends fit into the deck.
  6. Using the tip of the scissors, tuck the ends of the cotton into the deck so that it is nice and snug.
  7. Place the barrel of the Wotofo Profile back onto the vape mod and give the mod a little squeeze. You’ll note the e-juice rises up into the barrel to wet the cotton completely. When you release, the excess e-liquid drains back. This mechanism is very handy and helps prevent excessive juice from entering your mouth when you take a draw.
  8. When fitting the barrel back on the deck, you may want to align the beehive-styled inlets to sit just outside the screws. This simple trick can ensure that you get the best airflow possible.
  9. Put back the drip tip, and your Wotofo mod is ready for vaping.

Wotofo Also Has a Range of Rebuildable Tank Atomizers (RTA)

In place of the RDA, you can also choose from atomizers like the Wotofo Serpent RTA and Wotofo BRAVO 25mm RTA. As their names suggest, RTAs allow you to load up the vaping mods with a larger quantity of e-juice. This vaping option is ideal for cloud chasers who don’t want to keep switching between flavors. Or, who don’t have the time to reload all through the day. Just a one-time fill in the morning can keep you going for the rest of the day.

Wotofo Serpent RTA

The Wotofo Serpent RTA is a single coil vaping mod made with durable stainless steel along with Pyrex glass reinforcement. Available in two finishes, trendy black or stainless steel finish, the device has the deck sitting below the tank giving you better airflow even at high temperatures. Further, you can adjust the amount of air entering the mod for the vaping experience you like best.

Here’s how to build the RTA using the supplies provided in the kit.

  1. When you open the base of the Wotofo mod, you’ll see space for a single coil that will sit at an angle between two screws. The Wotofo Serpent kit includes a twisted coil with extended ends that you’ll need to trim a little.
  2. Insert the ends of the coil into the gaps below the screws and then, use the screwdriver in the kit to affix the ends in place.
  3. Once the coil is set, you can use the rod-like tool to adjust it until you’re completely happy with the placement.
  4. To make sure the device is working like it should, push the start button. If the coil becomes red within a second or two, you’ll know it’s heating up properly.
  5. Allow the coil to cool completely and then, insert the cotton wick. Trim off the excess length and that’s how you wick the Wotofo Serpent.
  6. Dampen with the cotton with the e-liquid of your choice.
  7. Fit the barrel back onto the deck and load the e-juice through the top of the tank. The Pyrex glass sides let you monitor the levels so you don’t overfill the tank.
  8. Once you have the desired levels, fit the drip tip, and your Wotofo Serpent is ready for use.

Wotofo Bravo 25mm RTA

Like the Wotofo Serpent, the Wotofo Bravo RTA also has a deck sitting at the bottom of the tank which is made with transparent glass. These tanks are available in capacities of 4ml and 6ml and allow you to monitor the levels when they run low. You’ll also see two vents that allow in the air for smooth vaping. The key difference between the two RTAs is the number of coils. With the Bravo, you’ll insert 2 coils with the screws lining up in a straight line. Place the coils on either side of the row of screws, insert the ends into the gaps, and tighten. Essentially, you’ll have two ends fitted into each of the two gaps. All that remains now is to fit in the cotton and load the e-liquid. Your mod is all set for use.

Wotofo Squonk Mods

Wotofo has a range of squonk mods that you can opt for. These mods are also rebuildable so you can customize as needed. A squonk is so called because the device includes a soft-size squeeze bottle instead of a hard plastic or glass tank. After you load this bottle with the e-juice, you’ll fit it behind a gap in the case. When you start to sense that the cotton is drying off and you’re getting less of a flavor with every hit, it’s time to wet the cotton. To do that, you’ll squeeze on the bottle through the window. This mechanism gives the device the name, squonking.

The Wotofo range is fast gaining popularity thanks to its easy-to-use components and detailed manuals. If you would like more information about how to assemble the mods, we have a team of expert consultants on board. They’ll also offer you guidance on the best Wotofo kits to buy. Go ahead and call us at this number: 716-370-6134. You can also Contact Us by clicking on the button and we’ll get back to you.


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