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The DIY craze isn’t just for home renovations and converting scary-looking vans into chic camper vans. No, it’s also hit the vaping scene. Customizing coils, for example, is a great way to hone your vaping experience to exactly your taste. A brand that gets this and is producing well-priced options for everything you need is Coil Master.

Coil Master Kits and More

Take customization to the next level with Coilmaster offerings like DIY kits and handy all-in-one devices. We love the efficiency and compact size of both kits and tools produced by this brand. For example, Coil Master combines an Ohm meter, rebuilding deck, battery tester and more into a small device that allows for coil rebuilding and burning. This shows of the philosophy behind the brand and the Coilmaster approach.

A Fav Among Vape Influencers

Vape Influencers like Zophie Vapes and Richard Ng love producing and sharing content of their latest coil master diy kit. Probably because this brand has made everything easy to use, accessible and compact. Zophie Vapes is on her third coil master kit.

With sturdy cases that keep all of the tools organized, it’s no wonder it’s easy to find the review of a coil master diy kit on YouTube. They’re nicely organized, include way more than appears thanks to smart consolidation and tools that fit together and they are priced really nicely. 

Coil Master has created a brand focused on quality, ease of use, and brings the joy of DIY to vapors by allowing them to customize their mods and coils for the perfect experience whether they are looking for a thin or thick coil or need to fix an issue like burning, hot spots or threading.

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