How Much is 30mL E-Juice?

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Have you just made the decision to kick the smoking habit and switch to vaping as a solution for nicotine replacement? The first thought that enters your mind is how much is 30mL e-juice. The simplest way to understand volumes is that 30mL is equivalent to two tablespoons or six teaspoons. Most brands offer [...]

Vape Shops Shutting Down Due to New FDA Regulations

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Up until August 2016, e-cigarettes and vaping products were not subjected to FDA regulations. Not only have the rules changed, but in September 2020, the FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products (CTP) has released new guidelines for the sale of vaping flavors. All stores and e-liquid manufacturers like Tasty Vapor would have to file FDA [...]

How Long Does a Disposable Last

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Before we get into the details, here’s the short and easy answer - A Hyde vape with 5% nicotine and 1.8ml e-juice gives you around 400 puffs. If you’re switching to vape pens to kick your cigarette smoking habit, know that a single device is equivalent to two packs of cigarettes. As for the other [...]

Fabulous Hyde Flavors – An Explosion of Unique, Breathtaking Tastes

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Hyde Vape, with its exciting range of fantastic tastes and flavors, is easily a big hit with cloud chasers across the world. If you've tried the delicious fruits and dessert flavors, you'll agree that the brand impresses. Every. Single. Time. And, if you haven't tried Hyde flavors, you're truly missing [...]

Why are nicotine salts the new craze?

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The moment you hear the words Nicotine Salts, the first thing that springs in your mind is salt that consists of Nicotine. That is the truth! But, not really the whole truth. Ready to know everything about nicotine salts, or nic salts as they are also called? Well, we are here to give you [...]

Benefits of Vaping Over Smoking Cigarettes

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Not long ago, smoking was ubiquitous. In the 1980s, for example, teachers could smoke in classrooms. Eventually smoking was relegated to the teachers’ lounge and then banned. Cigarette vending machines were in bars and grocery stores. Restaurants had smoking sections within the last twenty years.  What changed? Why do we now see far fewer [...]

Hyde Vape vs. Juul: Which is Better

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When it comes to vaping there’s a few choices to be made. First and foremost: is a disposable vape or a traditional vape pod with a rechargeable battery more your speed? Today we’re breaking down the two styles to help you make your choice. We’re also weighing in with [...]

Yami Vapors E-Juices – Exciting, Innovative, Whimsical!

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If you’re an e-juice connoisseur, chances are that you’ve experimented with a whole bunch of brands and flavors. Most e-liquids are a blend of tastes such as fruits, salads, desserts, cookies, and various others. Users who would prefer the taste of tobacco can opt for brands that have the flavor. Of course, that’s for [...]

Charlie’s Chalk Dust Flavors – Why Die-Hard Vapers Swear by the Brand

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Charlie’s Chalk Dust is a premium company producing e-juices, located in the sunny climes of Southern California. Originally established in 2015, the company has an interesting history of how the founder, Charlie was inspired by the baked goods and confectionery sold at his father’s restaurant. In present times, the vape juice collections made by [...]

How to Charge a Juul Without a Charger

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As a die-hard Juul-er, the one thing that you probably worry about most is running out of pods or power. While all the supplies you need are available at the click of a button, there may be times when you suddenly can’t locate your charger. Or, [...]

What Everyone Must Know About GeekVape

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Die-hard enthusiasts and veterans of the vaping world are likely familiar with the brand, GeekVapes. A range of e-cigs, atomizers, RTAs, and rebuildable coils, GeekVape is developed and produced by Shenzhen GeekVape Technology Co., Ltd. which was set up in December 2015. Within a short time, the company made its mark with its GeekVape [...]

Gorilla Warfare Vape E-Juice and a Guide to Vaping

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Wondering what is Gorilla Warfare? Are you curious to know if the term is even a real thing? Gorilla Warfare is the brand name for an exciting range of e-juices. The company prides itself on being a lot more than just a manufacturer and is dedicated to developing new flavors at prices that are [...]