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health benefits of quitting cigarettes


Unfortunately more than half of Americans are all too familiar with the small stick of nicotine and tobacco that we call cigarettes, be it from someone that we know who smokes or from using them ourselves. People can quit smoking, but it’s hard because Nicotine is such an addictive substance and it can be difficult to overcome the urge to smoke and receive another dose.

Luckily there have been many advancements made in medication, technology, and supplements that quitting smoking is much easier than it was years ago. It may be chance that you found this article, or it could be a sign that you’re ready to quit smoking for the sake of your health and everyone that cares for you. Here are just a few ways that you could set upon your journey to ditch cigarettes and some of the health benefits of quitting cigarettes!

          First let’s start with some motivation for you – What are the health benefits of quitting cigarettes?

  • Your Heart. Many people think about lung health when it comes to smoking, but your heart is probably the most important organ that starts feeling the benefits of you not smoking. In only 1-2 years of quitting your chances of contracting Coronary Artery Disease or having a heart attack are cut by about 50 percent.
  • Your Lungs. The fact that your lungs will see improvement is always in people’s minds who want to quit. The speed at which your lungs feel a difference is incredibly fast and you will physically feel better within days. Your chances of developing Lung Cancer when you’re a smoker is 20 times more likely than those who don’t smoke, so when you quit your chances decrease and after 10 years it cuts down to half that of someone who still smokes.
  • Senses. Your senses start to get better when you aren’t smoking anymore. Taste and smell are the biggest improvements people see, like foods having a richer and savory flavor and people’s favorite flowers smell so much better.

These are just a few of the improvements you’ll see, but to get here we need to talk about the steps that can be taken and what is available to smokers that will aid in becoming tobacco-free. Here are a few suggestions.

  • Medications. There are several prescription medications that your doctor can offer you like Bupropion SR and Varenicline. Pills are a powerful tool but won’t make you quit on their own, so it is best used in joint with other methods
  • Patches & Gum. Nicotine patches like the ones by Nicoderm and Habitrol can be attached to the skin (usually on the forearm) and will provide your body the nicotine it’s addicted to in small doses without the need to smoke. Gum like Zero or Nicoderm Stop Smoking gum are made to provide smokers with small amounts of Nicotine just like patches, but these also replace one bad habit with a much better and healthier one; chewing gum instead of smoking.
  • Vape Devices. E-cigarettes are the newest technological developments designed to help smokers quit by providing a much less toxic vapor instead of the smoke resulted from burning tobacco. Plus vaping can be used in conjunction with medications and patches and users can adjust their Nicotine levels in the devices e-liquid so that they can wean themselves off of Nicotine completely.

When these items are used properly and someone is committed to quit smoking, they can work wonders. People can find these items easily like by searching on Amazon or on blackoutvapors and ordering them to be delivered right to their door. Make this your day to quit and then make it your lifestyle as well, as many smokers don’t know the health benefits of quitting cigarettes, so they often quit for a short amount of time and then revert back to smoking. Don’t let cigarettes hold you back, overpower them and get back in control of your life.

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