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Is Kado Bar Good? An In-Depth Review


Let me tell you, disposable vapes are the way to go because they are just simple to use. Kado Bar makes these neat little devices you can use immediately. Filling them with liquid or charging them up first is unnecessary. Just take them out of the package, puff, and enjoy. It is that easy!

I have tried a lot of different vapes, but Kado Bar? They are something special. I am particularly fond of two models they offer:


I will give my overall impression and experience of using it for a week and discuss the two most important factors: Flavor and Vapor Production.

I have tried all the flavors. And as expected, I did not like all of them. Here are my top favorites. 

Kado Bar BR5000 Disposable Blue Razz Lemon

Kado Bar BR5000 Disposable Strawberry Miilk

Kado Bar BR5000 Disposable Strawberry Watermelon Freeze

Here is what I think of the latest Kado Bar KB10000 disposable vape with a massive 10000 puffs.

I have tried nine flavors. And as expected, I did not like all of them. Here are my top favorites. 

modus x kadobar kb10000 disposable 5% - Blue Slushie

modus x kadobar kb10000 disposable 5% - Chilled Honeydew Melon

modus x kadobar kb10000 disposable 5% - Hawaiian POG

No disposable vape is perfect; neither is Kado Bar. But there is something special about Kado Bar, unlike other high-end disposable vapes, where I can try various modes and cool screen animation. Kado Bar came up with ideas where I can vape with the default settings, and it is just great. Also, most of the newer disposable vapes have a large bright screen. I find it awkward, especially at night time. With Kado Bar, apart from the undependable faulty e-liquid indicator, which does not impact the vaping experience, and the big mouthpiece, it is just what I need.

Looking for Kado Bar vapes? Let me tell you why Blackout Vapors is the best place to shop. We have everything you want: great prices, many choices, and super helpful customer service. Plus, we ship super fast, so you get your vapes quickly! 

Why pay more when you do not have to?

If you are looking for a stylish disposable vape with plenty of features, there are better options than Kado Bar. But if you want something dependable that will work every time you puff, you should try Kado Bar. Are you considering giving it a try? Visit Blackout Vapors now and shop for your favorite flavors from Kado Bar.

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