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Is Vaping Safe?


What is vape?, is vaping safe? we have asked this question many times when we heard about vaping, the trend that has taken the States by a surge of popularity. Vaping has become so casual that even some of the most well-known celebrities like Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan have been seen vaping lately. But people don’t talk much about it and aren’t really sure if vaping is safe. So, what is vaping? What is in a vape and is it safe? Let’s all get a little more educated on the topic.

Vape is created by the machines people can buy called either Mods or Pods. These devices all perform the same task, even if some devices do it better or faster. All mods and pods heat up the liquid used for vaping that sits in the tanks or cartridges of the device, and in turn create a vape cloud when the users inhale and exhale from the device’s mouthpiece. Now this brings about the question of what is in the liquid (which is also called e-juice) and is it safe for humans to inhale?

 Now there has been plenty of speculation, mainly because people have not been well informed about e-juices, like gorilla warfare ejuice, and have jumped to their own conclusions and assumptions. There have been plenty of doctors and researchers who have actually looked into the topic of vaping and the effects it has on humans. This is what they’ve found.

  1. Vaping e-liquids still consist of Nicotine (not ALL of them) and Nicotine is still a harmful and addictive substance, regardless of what form it is in. Young children and pregnant women are at most risk health-wise when exposed to nicotine because it can harm and stifle memory and attention.
  2. Some companies and brands that produce e-liquids with flavor options use a chemical called Diacetyl, which believe it or not is actually added to popcorn to give added flavor. However, when inhaled is potentially dangerous and has been said to cause a condition known as “popcorn lung”. But, and a big BUT, is that there are e-juice brands that don’t use any diacetyl and plenty of general flavors don’t contain this chemical in the mix.
  3. E-cigarettes have time and time again been recommended more than traditional cigarettes, so they have been deemed by experts and even doctors on WebMD like Dr. Wheeler, as less harmful than smoking a modern cigarette and exposes people to far less toxins. Plus vaping does not give people the same stench on their clothes and furniture as traditional cigarettes do.

Vaping Safe

So, now that we have taken a look at all of the facts found behind vaping and its content, hopefully you can feel more knowledgeable and confident in your opinion on vaping. There is one major thing to consider on top of all of these things though, and that is that vaping is as safe as you make it.

Yes, there are vapers that get crazy powerful devices and fill them up with 12mg e-liquids (which contain a lot of nicotine) and then proceed to use them all day long. And then there are vapers that get modest devices with e-liquids that don’t contain nicotine nor diacetyl and don’t use their e-cigarette until they get a break or only for a few hours of the day.

You have full control over your habits, and using an e-cigarette is no different. Everything has a potential to be harmful to you, even eating too much. So is vaping safe? Looking at it in a black and white scenario, no, inhaling any substance into your lungs is not safe for you. But can it be very close to safe and can you vape in a way that causes you minimal damage? Yes, you just have be aware of the ways to go about

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