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Bot It 8000 Disposable is a high-tech wonder made just for you. With a huge 19mL of pre-filled e-liquid and a strong 5% nicotine hit, your vaping joy will last and last—up to 8000 puffs! Top-level design, next-gen features, and a cool look make Bot It 8000 the go-to choice for anyone who wants to up their vape game.

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Introducing Bot It 8000 Disposable, the groundbreaking addition to the disposable vape market. This device comes equipped with a robust 500mAh rechargeable battery, a whopping 19mL of e-liquid, and up to 8000 puffs, making it your ultimate vape companion. Offering a wide range of flavors, Bot It 8000 ensures a tailored vaping experience. With its handy digital display, you’ll always know how much battery and e-liquid you have left. Your personalized vaping journey begins with Bot It 8000.

Bot It 8000 Disposable Specs

13mL Pre-Filled E-Liquid

5% (50mg) Nicotine Strength

500mAh Type-C Rechargeable Battery

Approximately 8000 Puffs

Mesh Coil


Banana Ice By Bot It 8000: Tropical banana meets cool ice.

Blue Cotton Candy By Bot It 8000: Tastes like the fluffy, sweet treat at the fair.

Blue Razz Ice By Bot It 8000: Tart blue raspberry with a cool minty finish.

Bubble Berry By Bot It 8000: Berry goodness with a bubblegum twist.

Candy Love By Bot It 8000: Sweet like candy in every puff.

Fcuking Fab By Bot It 8000: A fabulous mix of fruits that wows your mouth.

Cranberry Soda By Bot It 8000: Fizzy soda meets tangy cranberry.

Grape Fizz By Bot It 8000: Grape soda in a vape.

Honeydew Melon By Bot It 8000: Sweet melon flavor that’s like a bite of summer.

Ice Coke By Bot It 8000: Classic cola with an icy twist.

Miami Mint By Bot It 8000: Fresh mint that takes you to the Miami beaches.

Mango Yogurt By Bot It 8000: Tropical mango blended with creamy yogurt.

Peach Mango By Bot It 8000: Juicy peach meets tropical mango.

Power Bull By Bot It 8000: Like your favorite energy drink but without the can.

Popcorn Caramel By Bot It 8000: Buttery popcorn with a caramel glaze.

Strawberry Pinacolada By Bot It 8000: Strawberries, coconut, and island vibes.

Strawberry Kiwi By Bot It 8000: Sweet strawberries and tangy kiwi.

Vanilla Tobacco By Bot It 8000: Smooth vanilla meets rich tobacco.

White Gummy By Bot It 8000: Just like the chewy white gummy bears.

Watermelon Ice By Bot It 8000: Juicy watermelon with a cool mint finish.

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Banana Ice, Black Ice, Blue Cotton Candy, Blue Razz Ice, Bubble Berry, Candy Love, Cranberry Soda, Fcuking Fab, Grape Fizz, Honeydew Melon, Ice Coke, Mango Yogurt, Miami Mint, Peach Ice, Peach Mango, Popcorn Caramel, Power Bull, Sour Apple, Strawberry Kiwi, Strawberry Pinacolada, Vanilla Tobacco, Watermelon Ice, White Gummy

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