Dirty E-Juice – Grape Lemon Lime Soda 60mL



Sweet and Savory Grape Soda mixed with an age-old classic, Lemon Lime Soda.

Available in 0mg, 2mg, and 4mg nicotine strengths in 60mL bottles.

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Dirty E-Juice – Grape Lemon Lime Soda 60mL


Dirty E-Juice – Grape Lemon Lime Soda 60mL tastes like a gorgeous marriage of sweet Grape soda with a splash of bitterness from Lemon Lime soda, creating a smooth and juicy taste. Dirty e-juice is designed to taste light and smooth like a fresh drink, not a weighed down sugary flavor, so you’ll be getting a perfect amount of even flavor. The Grape soda really pairs beautifully here by highlighting the lemon and lime notes with a contrast of sweet and ripe grapes.


Inhaling sets the tone by showcasing the Lemon Lime Soda base for a crisp and pungent taste, and then allows small bursts of Grape soda to co-mingle and make things a little sweeter. Exhaling amps up the Grape flavor just enough so that it becomes the star of the show, leaving you with a satisfied sweet tooth. Not too sweet, not too bitter, and not too heavy; Dirty knew exactly how to make a drink flavor actually resemble a drink! Dirty E-Juice – Grape Lemon Lime Soda 60mL is available in a variety of nicotine levels and has a dropper-style cap for easy refills and less spills.

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