Humble Juice Co. – Hop Scotch 120mL


Toffee, vanilla, butterscotch custard is jam packed and loaded with flavor!

VG/PG: 80/20

Available in 120mL bottle in 0mg, 3mg nicotine strengths.
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Humble Juice Co. – Hop Scotch 120mL


Humble Juice Co. – Hop Scotch 120mL is loaded with a rich and decadent barrage of warm flavors that remind us of a smooth and savory piece of candy. It is made up of a sweet and sophisticated blend of rich Toffee, sweet Vanilla, and a creamy Butterscotch custard. The Butterscotch custard pairs beautifully with the Toffee undertones and the Vanilla brings a balance to the two of them to tie everything together. This blend takes us back to a coffee house with a delicious dessert and a cup of warm blended goodness with a hint of toffee flavor. This e-liquid is designed to give a calm and collected vibe when vaping, making it perfect for an all day and all night go-to flavor.


Inhaling brings out a silky and rich flavor of custard with just a dash of Butterscotch flavoring, which gives this taste a solid and smooth base. You’ll begin to notice the Toffee shell of flavor sitting on top of the custard as time goes by, adding a little bit of an airy sweet and aged taste to the mix. Then, we get to the peacemaker of the blend, the simple and subtle dash of Vanilla that brings some familiarity around and ties it all together by blending creaminess with caramelized goodness and light sweetness. Exhaling brings back that Butterscotch flavor and then dies down to a gorgeous custard base again to leave a satisfying trail of tastes.  Humble Juice Co. – Hop Scotch 120mL is available in 0mg and 3mg of nicotine and comes loaded into a gorilla bottle ready for use with all mods and refillable devices.

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