Yogi E-Liquid – Java Granola Bar 60mL


Yogi E-Liquids Original Java Granola Bar delivers wonderful coffee goodness in e juice form. Our Java Granola Bar e liquid is a hearty granola flavor combined with the bold flavor of fresh-brewed coffee. Avoid the high calorie snacks when you grab a bottle of Yogi E-Liquids Original Java Granola Bar.

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Want to try something incredible? Java hit of this Yogi vape juice! It’s the perfect blend of coffee, chocolate and hearty granola. Seriously. Can you imagine a better flavor? Rather than chocolaty fingers and crumbs, just one hit of this flavor will sate your snack attack and get you back to business. The best part? You can hit it as many times a day as you want without worrying about all those calories in real granola.

Chocolate + Coffee + Granola

The only thing missing from this flavor is the fire. It tastes like Saturday morning at the campsite, waking up before everyone and enjoying the peace and quiet. This satisfying juice has notes of bitter coffee and sweetness from a smattering of chocolate chips. Add to that the warmth of fresh coffee and core of Yogi’s original granola bar, and you can’t really ask for more.

Sounds heavy, right? The flavor is definitely big and the texture bold, but this ejuice doesn’t overpower your mouth with anything that isn’t fresh, natural-tasting and cozy.

Flavor and Texture Profile

This flavor starts with a taste of oats drizzled with golden honey. Pretty soon the java notes come in, a dizzying dance of bitter coffee and sweet chocolate. These two keep each other in check and provide a vaping experience sure to delight your sweet tooth and give you that coffee fix you crave. But you don’t need a camp stove and weekend to enjoy this: just hit it whenever you’ve got the urge to take a mini mental vacation. It’s not going anywhere.

Rich flavor notes are kept light by a mouthfeel that’s soft and refreshing, not heavy and coating. The balance of granola, bitter notes and sweetness keep your taste buds on high alert and make sure the flavors never get boring. The cloud is a blend of the flavors and will have everyone asking if you just got back from the mountains.

Yogi Java Granola Bar Specs

  • 60 mL bottle
  • choose 3 or 6 mg strength
  • VG/PG Ratio of 70/30
  • Unicorn Bottle

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