Mr. Salt-E Blue Raspberry (Cotton Candy) 30mL


Mr. Salt E presents a sweet all-time favorite that everyone loves which fills your mouth with puffy cotton melting away even before you know it.


If you would like to take a quick trip back to the circuses and carnivals of your childhood, the Mr. Salt E Cotton Candy is just the taste you need. Load this e-juice into your vaping pod device and enjoy unforgettable flavors. Every whiff you take will remind you of sunny weekends when you pranced into the carnival holding your parents’ hands begging them for candy even as the clowns, rides, and games enticed you to check them out. What a delicious contrast to the odor of burnt tobacco that stubbornly clings to your clothes and hair!

If you’ve been finding it next to impossible to kick your smoking habit, try switching to vaping with flavored nic salts from Mr. Salt E that can satisfy even the most intense cravings. Choose from nicotine levels of 25mg or 45mg that are suitable for heavy smokers who normally go through 20 or more cigarettes in a day. You’ll need non-sub-ohm devices that are high resistance and low power to get the best results from these e-juices. Are you wondering why they’re called nic salts? Know that manufacturers use special processes to extract the nicotine in salt form from the leaves of the tobacco plant. Not only can the ions match your craving, but they’re also much safer than conventional cigarettes.

The flavors from Mr. Salt E are available in bottles of 30ml each with a child-proof cap to protect young family members and pets. Use the dropper to load vaping pods, attach to your e-cig, and puff away without the fear of toxins damaging your body. Wondering why you didn’t think of it before?

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